May. 10th, 2015

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Students: Your cooperation with today's restriction has been greatly appreciated. I am afraid those restrictions must continue for the duration: for your safety, until the current situation is resolved, Hogwarts will remain on lockdown. Floo travel will remain suspended, as will owl post. All visitors to the castle must be approved, in advance, through MLE and must undergo strict security screening.

I am certain you are all wondering about two things: when you will once again have access to your wands, and (for seventh-years) whether NEWTs will still be held beginning tomorrow.

Wand use will be restricted until further notice, again for your safety and security. Your wands will continue to be held safely for you. In the upcoming week, they will be returned to you at the beginning of each lesson, and once again secured afterwards. If you are in need of something that requires a wand in the interim, you may ask a teacher.

NEWTs will still be held according to schedule. To reduce disruption, to minimise the chance of further security breach, and to reduce the amount of security screening necessary, your examiners will enjoy Hogwarts' hospitality for the duration of the exams. Students who are taking the exams will, again, have their wands returned to them at the door of the examination hall and will need to turn them in when they leave. Please refer to the schedule that has already been posted for times and locations of your exams.

The Enforcers stationed in the corridors will remain for the duration. Please cooperate with them fully. Obey all instructions, answer any of their questions, and do not interfere with the commission of their duties.

If anyone has any further information about the rot of sedition that has apparently infected Hogwarts to the bone, now is the time to report it. It is vital that we put this matter to rest once and for all.


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