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While I am always happy to hear from the parents of Hogwarts students who have concerns about their children's education, and am pleased that the student body is likewise comfortable coming to me, please allow me to address a few common issues all at once.

Parents: While the honour of witnessing Our Lord dispense His justice can certainly be overwhelming to those who are not prepared for it, please be assured that your children are being well cared for. The great Protectorate that shelters us all does, alas, have enemies who advocate for a return to the dark days of secrecy and hiding, and to defend our freedom and our wizarding way of life it is necessary for those enemies to be dealt with swiftly and without quarter. Those who do not seek to destroy that which we hold dear have nothing to fear. Those who do, have no place to hide. Your children have witnessed the price that must be paid to keep us free from tyranny; I urge you all to use that example to inspire yourselves to your own forms of service, and to carefully look around you for signs that the rot of disloyalty has been allowed to take hold.

Students: Those who still have questions about Friday's demonstration should bring those questions to your Heads of House, or to your professors tomorrow during classes. Those who find themselves still overcome by the honour Our Lord has paid us all may continue to report to Madam Pomfrey for assistance.

I have received a number of inquires from students in Gryffindor House who have requested to be re-Sorted, given the cloud of treason that hangs over Gryffindor's doors. While I am sympathetic, we do not allow re-Sorting of students; the decisions of the Sorting Hat are final. I urge you all to instead work tirelessly to show your dedication to Our Lord, to the Protectorate, and to the good of wizardingkind. The stain upon Gryffindor's honour and reputation may take generations to clear fully, but the process of that clearing begins with your commitment and loyalty.
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