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Voldemort is dead.

Through an act of incredible bravery and sacrifice, he has been destroyed thoroughly and absolutely, and he will never be able to return. In addition, the Ministry has been rendered obsolete, Hogwarts has been routed of all who would threaten the lives of our children, and a significant number of camps country-wide have successfully liberated themselves.

We will be working over the next months to establish a transitional government consisting of magical and non-magical representatives, and will be depending on volunteers to help keep our communities fed and safe, as well as to begin the massive undertaking of re-settling and awaking our sleeping countrymen. In the coming weeks, we will be providing volunteer centers in various cities across Great Britain for any who wish to lend a helping hand. This is still a period of instability and uncertainty; although the tide has turned, there are several members of the old regime who will insist on going down fighting. We will make every effort to try to protect all people from their acts of violence.

To those Enforcers, Council-wizards, and Aurors who remain at-large; you will either surrender to be held accountable for your actions in a court of your peers, or will be taken forcibly. You are no longer relevant, and you no longer represent the will of this country. If you surrender peaceably, you will be treated humanely and fairly.

To the people of Great Britain: Now is a time to gather our loved ones close to us, to attempt to rebuild this great land, and to remember what it is like to be free. You can communicate without fear using the private messages; they are no longer capable of being monitored, nor will they ever be. You can move freely within the country, and we are working to re-open our borders. If you have Muggleborn or Muggle servants, they are no longer your property, and can leave of their own will. We will direct them to places where they can reunite with their families, and they will be living and working among us as we rebuild our communities together.

This is far from the end of things, but it is a promising beginning – a chance to move forward and build a future together – not tied together by fear and subjugation, but united under principles of democracy and free will, where people are treated with dignity and respect because of their inherent humanity. It is time to forge a new path where wizards and muggles work, live, and love alongside one another. We do not need to hide; we do not need to rule; we are capable of coexisting.

We must collectively face this new future with eyes wide open: prepared for repentance, reconciliation, and forgiveness, but also wary of those who have used their power to accomplish acts of depraved cruelty. Now is not the time for acts of revenge or mob justice. We will heal together, but we will also stand together against those who pose an immediate threat to our safety.

To the parents of all children who were attending Hogwarts this school term; several of you have already had your children returned safely home. Many thanks to the House Elves of Hogwarts for their assistance in this matter, and for their stalwart defence of so many during the fight.

Poppy Pomfrey will provide a list of students whose parents were unable to be located, who are currently still missing, who are too wounded to move safely, and who died fighting. As to the wounded, we have capable Healers attending them, and as soon as we can assure their safety, we can transport those who need it to St Mungo’s for further care. We will continue to work with the House Elves to locate any remaining students in Hogwarts, and will provide updated information about the missing as we learn more. Any parents or legal guardians of students on these lists can approach the main Hogsmeade gate. You will be asked to turn over your wand for inspection, and will need to wait for an hour as a security precaution. Your wand will then be returned to you, and you will be escorted into the building. For several of you, this reunion will be one that is very painful. As a parent, as a mother who has lost a child, I can begin to fathom your grief and sorrow, and I am overwhelmed with regret at our not being able to save everyone.

There are a handful of students who have decided for their own safety to stay under our protection for the time being. They are here by choice, are capable of coming and going as they please, and will be able to communicate directly and privately with you using the journals if they so choose. They will have our support for as long as they need it, as will any young person who requires asylum or protection.

To the students of Hogwarts; you will no doubt need time to mourn – an entire generation of magical young people was very nearly extinguished, and many of you saw your schoolmates and friends cut down in front of your eyes. As soon as we are able, when the immediate threat has passed, we will find a way to honour their lives together. They will be remembered. I am so deeply sorry for your loss.

The wounds of the past few days – of the past twenty years – will not heal overnight. But today holds great promise, and I look forward to building this new future with you.

Re: ORDER ONLY: Private Message to Lee Jordan

Date: 2015-05-18 12:35 am (UTC)
alt_lee: (All grown up)
From: [personal profile] alt_lee
Beethoven is go.

My parents. I sent a note. Haven't heard back. Just that I was with the Order, helping, but somewhere there wasn't fighting.

Sorry about Neville, Mrs L.

Re: Private Message to Tonks

Date: 2015-05-18 12:40 am (UTC)
alt_nymphadora: (On It)
From: [personal profile] alt_nymphadora
On it.

Order Only: Private message to Alice

Date: 2015-05-18 12:31 am (UTC)
alt_rachel: (Paranoid)
From: [personal profile] alt_rachel
Are you open to keeping any of the Aurors or Enforcers on?

I've been keeping a list, for a while, of the ones who aren't utter monsters. I know that's not a terribly impressive standard. But there are people who join up who want to catch actual criminals, not just punish anyone who steps out of line.

More of them are Enforcers, mind you.

Re: Order Only: Private message to Alice

Date: 2015-05-18 12:43 am (UTC)
alt_rachel: (Rueful)
From: [personal profile] alt_rachel
We'll need some sort of MLE, eventually.

I would love to see it staffed with Order members. But I imagine you and Frank will have bigger fish to fry and Ron Weasley may have other plans too, now that he's not needed there as a double agent.

Re: Order Only: Private message to Alice

Date: 2015-05-18 12:52 am (UTC)
alt_rachel: (Smiling)
From: [personal profile] alt_rachel
I guess I'll see.

Thanks. I'll try to live up to your faith in me.

Re: Order Only: Private message to Alice

Date: 2015-05-18 03:12 am (UTC)
alt_rachel: (Intent)
From: [personal profile] alt_rachel
Ron, Justin, Hydra, and Draco have all said yes. I've got a list of possibilities among the current Aurors and Enforcers. Let's talk tomorrow about a safe place to send them, if they'd like to change sides, because it's a bit of an opportunity for an ambush, otherwise. (For them to ambush us, I mean.)

Re: Private Message to Bill, Frank, and Colin

Date: 2015-05-18 02:04 am (UTC)
alt_bill: (Resigned)
From: [personal profile] alt_bill
Understood, Alice. We have already been triaging the prisoners and assessing with Davidson the best places for them to go.

I know this is painful, but there's Albus' body. Once we moved it out of the building, we put it under preservation charms, and we have it secure. Is there central location we are bringing the bodies of our dead? Let me know if he had any other instructions.

Once I oversee the last of the prisoners out of here tonight, I will go home and crash for a few hours (I've reached about the end of my wakefulness potions tether) and I will meet you tomorrow to debrief and hand over the wands.

Re: Private Message to Bill, Frank, and Colin

Date: 2015-05-18 02:07 am (UTC)
alt_bill: (Lonely)
From: [personal profile] alt_bill
I'm so tired, I should have said this at the very first. Alice, I'm so sorry about Neville. And about Harry, and all the rest we lost.

Re: Private Message to Siz and Poppy

Date: 2015-05-18 02:28 am (UTC)
alt_sinistra: (bw - in the far distance)
From: [personal profile] alt_sinistra
Once it's properly dark, I need stars for a bit.

I think we've done almost as much as we can tonight.

Cedric's been excellent, writing letters. And Linus, with lists. As long as I think of it as lists, it's - I can keep going. Tomorrow, yes, more screening, and sorting out what to do about the odd bits.


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