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People of Great Britain:

The Transitional Government of Albion has been formed, and has drawn up a charter for the coming months. Our duties as Provisional Representatives are the following:

1.) To keep the peace, protect all law-abiding people from those who would harm them, and bring those who are active agents of destruction to justice

2.) To provide access to basic food and shelter for all persons

3.) To provide incentives and support to communities who voluntarily assist with the resettlement and integration of non-magical persons

4.) To promote growth of business, support initiatives that employ both magical and non-magical people and pay them living wages, and prevent price gouging and dramatic inflation of currency

5.) To provide educational opportunities and technical training for all persons, including the repair of Hogwarts and the re-establishment of Oxford

6.) To re-establish our position in the international community, open our borders, and expand our trade

7.) To establish the guidelines for a permanent system of government that will be representative and equitable to both magical and non-magical persons, with an aim to hold open elections within the next two years. The Provisional Representatives of Albion will then peaceably step down to make way for the new government, and we will recuse ourselves from running for political office.

This transition will not always go smoothly – we are all in a very real way completely writing a new future for ourselves, at a time when there are still individuals who are actively fighting to maintain their old systems of power through fear and intimidation. These individuals no longer have a mandate to rule – they have no right to seize property, to make arrests, to demand fees and taxes, or to intimidate the press to report falsehoods. We will continue to work to eradicate these last rotten elements from our all-too-recent past, but we will need your help. If you see or experience an act of violence or intimidation, speak up, and we will come to your aid.

We will also require your help in other ways – whether you volunteer to serve as a member of your local Safety and Welfare Committee, apply to work as an employee of the Transitional Government of Albion, are called to teach, are expanding or starting a place of business, or are simply sorting out how you can work and live under a system that provides you the opportunity to live free from fear, but requires you to be fair and tolerant of others.

In addition to our need for people from a variety of skill sets and backgrounds to fill necessary jobs in our new government, we would like to extend the following invitation: any young person under the age of twenty who has taken his or her OWLs is eligible for our youth volunteer programme. We will provide a salary, housing if necessary, and the opportunity to spend the next year helping to rebuild our country.

As Provisional Representatives, we are called upon to represent all people in our communities, and be responsive to their needs. We welcome any and all who are eager and willing to join us in this vital work.
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