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The inaugural installment of Hogwarts' lecture series will be held this upcoming Sunday (September 28) at 7:30 PM. Councilmember Rodolphus Lestrange will be speaking on the challenges inherent in unravelling the mysteries of Dark artefacts.

In addition to his work for Our Lord, Councilmember Lestrange has worked as an independent expert in the field of curse handling, with a speciality in Dark Artefacts, for nearly twenty years. He is widely recognised as one of the preeminent specialists in the field. In addition to his own research and his private consulting work, he frequently consults with the Aurors, the Ministry, Gringotts Bank, and many antique shops and auction houses.

The lecture will begin at 7:30PM in the Hogwarts library. Light refreshments will be served afterwards in the Great Hall. It is open to any citizen of the Protectorate who wishes to attend, not simply students and their parents.

Our next lecture will be Sunday, October 12.
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I should like to solicit the help of all students and staff in aiding our newest residents to settle into life here. Perhaps you've forgotten, but the first weeks away from home are filled with a bewildering number of new tasks and routines. On top of that, there are new skills to be mastered.

While it may seem trivial to those who've grown accustomed to it, negotiating meal times can be one of the most difficult of those new things. Our young friends often need guidance regarding appropriate eating habits.

Remember: too much sugar in the teacup can be as unfortunate as too many slices of turnip roast or too much pudding.
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Students: I do hope you have enjoyed your summer holidays, and trust that you are rested, rejuvenated, and ready to return to the task of learning.

I will obey tradition and introduce our new staff at the Welcoming Feast, but to save time -- and to save you all listening to me at the end of a long trip -- I will announce the remainder of the news I have:

— Beginning this year, students of all years may elect to add a language to their schedule. This additional study will be optional, and as of now there will be no NEWT or OWL given in any of the languages that are offered, but they will be taken into account for class standing. Classes will meet for one hour, twice a week, and will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Classes will be divided not by year, but by level of experience with the language; I know there are several of you who have studied some Latin already, for instance, and you will not be expected to go back to memorising declensions with the beginners.

At the programme's inception we will offer Latin and Greek; other scholarly languages such as German and Arabic may be added should there be interest. Students may choose no more than one language to begin with, with the option of adding others after your first year of study if your academic performance warrants.

— Also beginning this year, first and second year students will be required to take two years of Rhetoric and Composition. This class will teach the basics of academic writing and research, to provide you with a solid grounding in the arts of academic writing that you will draw upon for the remainder of your time at Hogwarts. This class will be three one-hour sessions per week, and you will receive a grade in the usual fashion.

Third through fifth years: while Rhetoric and Composition will not be required, we will be offering a one-hour elective version this year, tailored for each year's level of experience in writing and research. Again, the class will be offered on a pass/fail basis, and will be taken into account for class standing.

Sixth and seventh years: your version of the class, also a one-hour pass/fail elective, will be split between refining your academic research skills and helping to prepare you for the written portion of the NEWTs.

— Feedback from recent Hogwarts graduates and from the Wizarding Examination Authority regarding performance on the OWL and NEWT is clear that many aspects of the History of Magic curriculum ought be refined in order to best prepare students for their lives as adult citizens of our beloved Protectorate. As we have been unable to persuade Professor Emeritus Binns to undertake that curriculum refinement, we will instead be instituting a parallel track of classes for the subject of History. Your timetables will reflect the change in classroom.

We honour Professor Emeritus Binns and his many and distinguished years of service to the school. Students who wish to continue attending Professor Binns' lectures may choose to do so; however, you will need to make arrangements with a classmate to cover the material you will miss from the new History classes, as you will be tested on what is covered in those classes and not on the material Professor Binns teaches.

— Beginning in late September, Hogwarts will be hosting a fortnightly lecture series. We will be inviting many of the leading lights of the Protectorate to speak on the work they are doing, share the results of their research, explore the boundaries of human knowledge, or simply tell us fascinating stories -- in short, a diversity that reflects the diversity of the Protectorate itself.

Lectures will be on Sunday evenings and will run approximately an hour and a half, with an hour of reception afterwards at which light refreshments will be served. These lectures are open to the public, and announcements of the topic, the lecturer, and the dates and times will be placed prominently in the Daily Prophet before each lecture. I deeply hope you will join us even if your own Hogwarts days are long behind you.

I would like to thank Deputy Headmistress Vector for her excellent logistical work this summer, Professor Sinistra for her invaluable assistance in arranging the lecture series, and Mr Harry Marvolo for his passionate dedication to the institution of Hogwarts and to the cause of a well-educated populace. (And above all else, of course, the Lord Protector for His wisdom, and His confidence that I will be well suited for the Headmaster's role.)

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.
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Greetings, British Wizarding World!

As some of you know, we in the Order of the Phoenix have heard the rumours that the Ministry recently lost the ability to monitor private journal messages.

If you have been taking advantage of the temporary promise of true privacy, good on you. Perhaps you've contacted friends or colleagues and taken the chance to admit to them that you have reservations, conflicts or grave concerns about the Protectorate's philosophies on blood purity or treatment of its subjects or the Lord Pretender's sanity. Perhaps you've had conversations that have led to better understandings of who among your neighbours feel the same. We fervently hope that your trust has been placed wisely and that no one to whom you've written has reported anything you might have said - presumably because you all know that no one is truly safe in this 'utopia' known as Wizarding Britain.

Your safety is about to be compromised again. We have reason to believe that the Ministry are very close to re-establishing surveillance over the private messages. In fact, while we cannot vouch for a specific date, we estimate that messages may be monitored again as early as this Friday, 25 July. Please take appropriate precautions as of that date.

We are reasonably confident that anything you may have written during the last month or so will not be able to be discovered by MLE or the Ministry but they will certainly be making the attempt.

Don't let your communications be in vain. If you took the chance and spoke your mind, continue to speak it, to those who feel the same or to those who can be convinced that the Protectorate is nothing more than a tyrannical charade, more fueled by fear and oppression than by freedom or opportunity.

The next time you find yourself wondering whether the person you are talking to would accuse you of treason if you spoke your mind, remember what it was like to be able to say what you thought, when you thought it. Remember the last time you were truly free to choose friends, not based on their birthright but the kind of person they are. Remember when it was not a crime to fancy Muggle music or Muggle fashion, Muggle gadgets or even Muggles themselves. Remember Britain when it was free.
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Students: I am pleased to announce that Our Lord has chosen to honour me with the role of Headmaster of Hogwarts.

As I hope you have all come to believe in the past two years we have been working together, education is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. I am very pleased to be afforded an opportunity to expand my focus from educating students in the Noble Arts to overseeing student education in all the rich and storied traditions of wizarding skill, history, and culture. I am eagerly anticipating the prospect of spending the next few years returning Hogwarts to its glory as a haven for research, scholarship, and wizarding might.

Those of you taking your NEWTs in Noble Arts: I have reserved the prerogative of teaching the NEWT-level classes to myself; I would not wish to give that up. There will, of course, be other staff changes announced over the summer. I look forward to September, and to serving you all and, of course, Our Lord and His vision for the Protectorate's growth.


Jun. 8th, 2014 01:38 am
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Students: I must thank you all for your cooperation during today's difficult events.

I am aware rumour is no doubt running wild; we will make a statement about what has happened as soon as we are able to conclude our investigations. In the meantime, I must ask you all to remain in your Houses, for your own safety and to avoid interfering with those investigations, until further notice and unless told otherwise by your Head of House. Meals will be provided by the house-elves at the usual times in your common rooms.

Prefects: if a student in your House is in need of Madam Pomfrey's care, you may escort them to the infirmary, being certain to go there and back without delay. We are confident of Hogwarts' security and you are not in any danger, but no one is to be in the corridors alone, for any reason whatsoever.
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You all heard the announcement Professor Vector just made: GO TO YOUR COMMON ROOMS. Calmly and quietly.

There's no need to panic. Prefects PLEASE assist.
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Many of you at breakfast probably saw me return a ring to Justin Finch-Fletchley.

We have decided to end our commitment to one another, and are no longer romantically involved. There is no ill-will between us, and I'm sure we will both remain on friendly terms. I suppose there will be a lot of speculation as to what happened between us. I will only say that we discussed the future and decided that it would be best, for both of us, if we parted ways.

To be clear: there's no need for further discussion.

Thank you,
Hydra Lestrange
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In honour of Fred and George's birthday and the anniversary of this lock, I would just like to note:

His Excellency the So-Called Lord Protector, also known as the Lord Pretender, Voldemort, and His Noselessness the Ugly, is a stupid ponce, an evil git, a puling coward, a liar, a thief, a murderer, and an atrocious father.

He murders children, enslaves muggles, muggle-borns, half-bloods, and purebloods, tortures those around him for his personal entertainment, has lunch with Dementors, encourages others to blood-thirst and savagery, and would undoubtedly pick his nose and eat the bogies if he HAD a nose, which he does not.

We can say what we like here, and even if we were betrayed, they can only kill any of us once, so I'm going to say that I want Voldemort dead. I want him dead for real, none of this 'oh look, here I am again but without a nose this time' business. I want Bellatrix dead. I want Barty Crouch dead. I want an earthquake. I want a revolution. I WANT TO TEAR IT ALL DOWN, ALL OF IT, AND START OVER BECAUSE THE PROTECTORATE IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE.

(I can't figure out how they made the picture of the exploding dungbombs?)
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From Hogwarts, training ground of Our Lord's most loyal youth, I salute the Lord Protector! -- Ronald Weasley, YPL, CCF, Citizen of the Protectorate

 photo animated-fireworks_zps42f78231.gif photo animated-fireworks_zps42f78231.gif  photo animated-fireworks_zps42f78231.gif

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All Student Organisations, Societies, Teams, Groups, and Clubs are henceforth disbanded. An Organisation, Society, Team, Group, or Club is hereby defined as a regular meeting of three or more students.

No Student Organisation, Society, Team, Group, or Club may exist without the knowledge and approval of the Headmistress. Any student found to have formed, or to belong to, an Organisation, Society, Team, Group, or Club that has not been approved by the Headmistress will be punished and may be expelled. Permission to re-form may be sought from the Headmistress.

Those wishing to seek permission to reform an Organisation, Society, Team, Group, or Club may make an appointment with me to discuss the matter. Available times are posted on my office door, and I have posted information about the questions you will need to answer to seek permission. You will have one opportunity to make your case, and it may take some time for me to come to a decision.
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Greetings, British Wizarding World!

In the few weeks since Madam Dolores Umbridge has taken over Hogwarts, she has already instituted a palpable difference in the lives of the students there. She has bent her attention to exposing children’s thoughts, even those which they might regret as soon as they have been voiced. While she has targetted halfbloods with a precision that would make a duellist proud, even those with pure magical heritage have not been safe from her probing. Sophie Fleet suffered the most grievously, as all know from the sudden, swift and summative disappearance of her entire family from New London. I am sure some of you would like to point out that Maribel Fleet was a ‘traitor,’ and that thus Sophie’s punishments were justified. Whether you agree with Mrs Fleet’s politics or not, surely a fourteen-year-old girl’s trangression and a relatively mild statement are not truly cause to beat out a confession and then eradicate an entire family. (While it was believed the Fleets were downgraded in status and sent to the camps, I have heard rumours that they have yet to be included in any roster within the camp system and that, instead, they were all murdered. Perhaps you’ve heard similar whispers.)

Besides Sophie, other purebloods have encountered less than fair treatment at the hands of the new Headmistress. All those forced to read their private messages aloud or at least, to share the content of their messages with Madam Umbridge, can claim she has abused her authority. Mendingus Bainbridge, Jenessa Beaker, Killian McIntosh, Persephone Sanditon, Lavinia Levingworth, Philip MacMillan, Michelle Iskanderian, Felicity Whisp - all have felt the sting of her poisonous touch. The Weasley siblings, too, have experienced a twisted sort of ‘justice’ at her command. In her latest attempt at irony, Hogwarts’ big, pink bully held a young lady to blame for action well beyond her power or ability to control. And while that young lady is no stranger to adversity, she certainly did nothing to invite or deserve Madam Toad’s scorn.

Against this backdrop, we have also learned of these so-called ‘Order of Precedence’ meals - dining in strict observance of arbitrary distinctions, where one is compelled to sit next to neighbours not because of common interest or mutual affection, but merely on an arcane system of determining one’s place in society’s hierarchy.

All this certainly causes me to wonder what in Merlin’s name the Pink Bullfrog expects to accomplish? Has anyone asked her qualifications for such a laudable and honoured post as Hogwarts’ Headmistress? Correct me if I’m wrong but I had thought that at least some teaching experience was required to hold the position. But Dolores Umbridge does not even teach a core subject - worse, in fact: She pretends to teach, choosing instead to divide her lessons along the same ridiculous class distinctions as her suppers, and providing half her students with a glorified picture book in place of an O.W.L. preparatory text.

I admit that I am confused, as you probably are, as to why the Board of Governors has allowed this frank deterioration of a school that has withstood a thousand years of students - but then again, the Council has allowed wizarding society to recede into its Medieval mindset in less than a generation, as well, so perhaps it really does signify a coordinated effort. Perhaps the Grim Truth is that the Governors and the Council have decided that Madam Umbridge’s brand of education is just the sort of Dark Age nonsense they want. If nothing else, raising a load of dunces who can’t defend themselves against Dark magic will ensure that they can persist in their oppressive rule over halfblood, muggleborn, squib and muggle alike.

I’ve no power to make the Governors remove Madam Umbridge, no more than I had the power to keep the Lord Pretender from punishing my brother whenever I spoke out. No more than I have the power to keep Madam Umbridge from oppressing innocent students in an impotent attempt to strike at me.

But what I do have the power to do is call her on her actions. Oi, Dolores: Next time, pick on someone your own size.
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To encourage full understanding of proper decorum and sense of social status, all students will eat each and every supper, and every weekend meal in their assigned places. Staff are expected to set an example in this matter.

In addition, no food is to be removed from the Great Hall, and the Hogwarts house-elves have been instructed to provide no meals outside of the Great Hall except on permission of the Headmistress or her appointed deputy.

The above has been posted outside the Great Hall, but perhaps a teensy clarification may be of assistance. Our new expectations are designed to ensure that each and every student within our walls understands their place within our larger society, and understands what awaits them when they leave Hogwarts at the end of their formal education.

At this time (however, subject to change based on a number of factors), the following groups have permission to request meals from the house elves outside of normal hours:
- Quidditch teams on evenings they have scheduled evening practice.
- Students involved in school-approved projects or organisations.
- Prefects or members of Hogwarts Junior Council if actively engaged in relevant obligations for the entire course of a scheduled meal.

I note that staff are expected to attend meals in the Great Hall whenever possible, both to provide appropriate supervision and to model correct behaviour. At this time, staff may request meals in their rooms if necessary for reasons of health or school obligations, but are expected to keep such requests to the bare minimum.

I am sure someone will ask the purpose of these new guidelines. In answer, I say that first and foremost, the model of equality heretofore provided at Hogwarts gives many students an unrealistic expectation of the world outside the castle walls. More than that, however, my investigations into the castle budget have shown a profligate waste of food and supplies. We have had more than one infestation of vermin and bugs, and I understand that food scraps and other disgusting items have been found under a number of student beds.

Our new policies will therefore serve a useful educational purpose, preserve necessary funds for more fundamental tasks of the school, and provide a more hygienic and sanitary living environment for all.
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The Gryffindor seeker, Ginny Weasley, just presented Madam Hooch with the snitch from our match. To avoid any more irregularities she has authenticated it as the correct snitch. Before she caught the snitch experimental quaffles tossed through the goals by a member of either team made the score on the magical boards go up for either team. These goals will, of course, not be counted in the final score.

This leaves the final score at Gryffindor 460 Hufflepuff 340. If one of the other captains wishes to take up a rules based objection to this result talk to Madam Hooch. I will not be presenting a formal objections. Congratulations Gryffindor on a truly memorable match.
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Parents of the Protectorate,

I am delighted to announce that last night, our distinguished Board of Governors asked me to step into the role of Headmistress here at darling old Hogwarts. Of course, I was most glad to offer my wand and service to the task, and at lunch took great pleasure in making the announcement to our dear students.

It can be so worrisome to parents when their little ones are away at school. Our children are our future, and it can be difficult to entrust their care to staff who may not know them as we do. And of course one hopes they are exposed to only the best moral influences and role models. Be assured that I take your concerns very seriously, and that I will do my absolute best to see that every child worthy of Hogwarts receives an education fitting to their talents and position. You need have no fear for your most precious treasures!

Over the past months, I have been engaged in deep and wide-ranging conversations with members of the Board, the Ministry staff concerned with education, and with other experts in a variety of fields. I have spent time observing the Hogwarts staff in the classroom, listening to their comments on all matter of topics, and I feel ready and able to take on this greatest challenge of shaping the minds and hearts of the Protectorate’s young people.

I certainly have a great many ideas for improvements in all areas of the school. Nothing will escape close attention, from our curriculum to matters of budget and upkeep. I am so delighted to be working with others who have the best interests of the Protectorate at heart.

Now that does mean that there will be changes over the coming weeks. Some will be internal to the school, but others, I am sure, will receive a broader announcement. For those with questions, I will obviously be quite busy with many things, but I do assure you I’ll read everything asked, and respond when necessary.
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Attention all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year girls!

You are invited to join myself and Parvati Patil for a Tea & Fashion party tomorrow afternoon at 3:00.

Professor Carpenter will be hosting us in the Divination Tower and sharing her expertise as a Witch Weekly columnist!

Parvati and I will be doing makeovers and demonstrating basic hair and accessorizing charms, and sharing some designs from Mrs. Patil's new spring line for younger witches.

We hope you will join us for an entertaining afternoon.
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Greetings, British Wizarding World!

I have wondered from time to time whether our chats are really doing any good. Whether the points I try to make are falling on deaf ears or whether some of my reminders of life before the Protectorate can even reach those younger people who have never known what it was like to live in a free nation.

Because make no mistake, the country’s wards are more like prison walls than protective garden hedgerows. They may keep the rest of the world from tearing down the illusion of wizarding supremacy but they also - and primarily - serve to keep captive a people who are oppressed and brutalised by their cagers.

I do not just mean muggles or muggleborn, although Merlin knows they are sorely tried by the abuses they receive. Over the last two days, in particular, we’ve seen the dangers of a government and of leaders who truly believe themselves above reproach, who truly think that they and they alone can decide what is right to think and believe, who truly disregard the personal freedom - obligation - to call the question, to doubt.

Sophie Fleet is a thirteen-year-old girl who until yesterday was a typical Hogwarts student. Without cause, she was forced to read in public a message she had written to her mother. She was then called before Ministry staff, including one of the most contemptible members of the Aurors, to reveal the content of messages she and her mother had exchanged over several months. Because she expressed a twinge of doubt regarding the motives and methods of the Protectorate, she was put to the question under physical torture until she ‘confessed’ to treason.

This morning, before the entire school, her wand was snapped and she and her mother are both being sent to the camps, where other members of her family may soon follow.

All because she dared to voice a dissenting opinion.

Because no teenager has ever expressed frustration with her life, the lives of others, the world, the universe, the unfairness of teachers, the arbitrary nature of fate, the evil of enemies (or even friends), the decisions of parents or the shortcomings of the future. Imagine if you will the improbability of a teen finding fault with the status quo.

My point is that if this young witch could be tortured and coerced into a confession when she had done nothing but mildly observe that life sometimes doesn’t work the way one wishes, or that her teachers seemed to wish her ill, then think what might happen to anyone who dares disagree. Hundreds of years ago, muggles persecuted each other on suspicion of witchcraft and thousands of young girls, some as young as Sophie, were tortured until they invented stories of deeds that even wizards cannot achieve. All because they were desperate to make the pain stop.

Friends, we’ve taken one step closer to that benighted point of view today. Not even your children’s thoughts are safe from intrusion.

Privacy is not a ‘privilege’ as Dolores Umbridge would have it: It is a basic right to which all people - muggle, squib or magical - have a claim. Here are some other basic rights I and those who fight alongside me also uphold:

The right to learn to use magic if one is born with the ability, regardless of bloodline;
The right to liberty and the freedom to choose where and how one makes one’s living;
The right to contact with one’s loved ones, be they muggle, squib or magical;
The right to think and speak freely in agreement with or dissent from authority without fear of reprisal;
The right to conduct one’s business without inflicting or becoming the victim of random violence;
The right to live peacefully and without fear of government detention, arrest or attack without just cause;
The right to food, clothing, shelter, healing care and education for all, regardless of magical birthright;
The right to fair pay in exchange for labour, goods or services rendered for all people, by mutual agreement of both labourer and beneficiary.

If you find that this list represents many of the things the Protectorate lacks, then you know the Grim Truth: You are not a citizen, but a prisoner; not a patriot, but an activist; not a collaborator, but a revolutionary.

My allies and I were once like you, isolated and unsure how to fight against what seemed an unstoppable and growing mass of dark wizards. We found each other and have for years been working together quietly, slowly, carefully, but steadily, to reverse the course this country has blindly taken over the last fifteen years. Here is how:

When you read this, if you agree, find one person you trust. Agree to meet that person the next day and introduce that person to a second person who also agrees. Now there are four of you. And so on. Take that step, just that one, and you will find more allies than you knew existed. Together, action becomes not only possible but imperative.
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It is of the highest importance that the following staff and students come to me this week for consultation:
    Archer, G
    Frobisher, V
    Inglebee, D
    Lestrange, R
    Warrington, C
My thanks in advance to each of you for seeing to this at your earliest opportunity.
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Mark your calendars! A dynamic new STAGE PLAY and MUSICAL REVUE will be presented at Hogwarts this Spring.

Penned by Gerald S. Krumgold (known for his roles and choreography in Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Tosca, and Circe's Bells!) The Golden Ages of Hogwarts is a comedic romp of song-and-dance through the storied halls and histories of our famed Academic Institution.

Co-Directors Gerald S. Krumgold and Cordelia Carpenter will be holding auditions at 16:00 on Friday, 14 December. Students of all ages are invited to try out parts in the production. Those who are trying out should prepare a 2-4 minute comedic monologue or a 2-3 minute solo dance, or a 2-3 minute musical solo (with or without accompanying dance).

Please direct all questions to Professor Carpenter or Daphne Greengrass

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We have, apparently, reached that time of the term when injuries occur more (and more) frequently.

Please consider that it is far better to come to the hospital wing promptly if injured than to wait for whatever reason. Improperly applied self-healing spells can cause complications that are more difficult to heal than the original hurt. Left untreated, wounds may suppurate and bones may heal incorrectly.

As a point of general information, the signs of gangrene are numbness and cold in the affected area and a progressive change in colour from pale to brown, and then black, after which the affected tissue will wither and fall off.


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