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If anyone did not hear the Headmistress' announcement, all students are to return to their common rooms IMMEDIATELY. Once you are there, please check in with your prefects and do not attempt to leave again until the situation is resolved.

It is important that students obey all instructions from their prefects. Above all, do not panic. The Common Rooms for each House are perfectly safe and secure. The Aurors are here doing their jobs, and you may be sure that His Lordship is well-protected.


Oct. 11th, 2008 08:12 pm
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Oh God, we were too late.

Before you all jump to conclusions like the papers have been I have to tell you one thing: Remus did nothing wrong. He did something stupid but not wrong.

There was a child, a Muggleborn child, that had been serving a Pureblood family in Glasgow. They caught him practising his magic secretly in a cupboard under the stairs, he's very talented for being so small. As punishment he was given to the werewolves of a local community and oh God, they were almost totally feral creatures, no contact with the outside, horrible like that Fenrir Greyback Voldemort is so fond of. They were going to bite the little boy and keep him in their ranks.

I couldn't get much out of Remus but from what I understood is that he knew someone in the tribe who alerted him to what was going on and the foolish man hared off to try to stop them. Do you understand me, I said he was trying to stop them from turning the poor thing into - his words - a "monster." He told me no child should ever have to grow up as he did. 

Bugger it all, I'm crying again. Buckets. I'm so tired.

When I arrived with others from the organisation they were already beating Remus senseless, they didn't appreciate his interference. We got him out of there but we couldn't prevent the bite. They bit the child, they bit the child and it was dreadful, blood everywhere and he kept screaming - screaming. We gathered him up and got out of there, Remus barely able to walk - completely wracked with despair that he couldn't save that little boy. He wouldn't stop weeping, and I couldn't tell if it was from pain from his wounds or pain from failure.

The boy is at Sanctuary. They're not amused with having him there but I told them all to just go fuck themselves and take care of the baby. I'm hoping we can get him to a safehouse in a kinder, more humane community on the continent. Remus was another story, one of my operatives took him to Hogwarts because it's the only place we could think to take him. Please, Poppy, please take care of him. He tried so hard and suffered so much.

I've got to go, I want to check on Ian - the boy - and make sure they are treating him well. The bite will take some time to heal. I don't know if it will turn him completely - they weren't transformed werewolves - but it will do something. The poor thing.

Thank you, the little girl who sent Remus to Poppy. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. 


Oct. 9th, 2008 01:56 pm
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I see that Remus has left Hogwarts. Has he told anyone where he might be going?

It is imperative that I speak with someone immediately.


Sep. 13th, 2008 08:25 am
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Professor McGonagall, I think there's something dangerous on the 3rd floor. It nearly ate me. And also Harry Marvolo. I know that it doesn't matter if it eats me, but it does matter if it eats Harry, so maybe someone ought to do something about it!

Also, I know that you had to punish me but I don't think that it's fair. I'm really, really hungry.


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