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Well hello, my young friends. Isn't this amazing. The things you young people can do with magic these days. None of this in my day. Quills and parchment, owls that took hours, even days, to reach your intended. Now I can write something down in this little book, and you'll all see it immediately. Marvellous! I've been reading all your little messages with great interest, particularly those of our new first years. How delightful to have this chance to get to know you all a little better.

Young Mr Marvolo, we haven't had a chance to really talk. Do feel free to drop by my office any time you need anything, dear boy. I taught your father, you know, when he was a young man.

Miss Parkinson, you'd also be very welcome to pop by for a chat.

Now, for the first years - as I told you all in your classes today, I have a little surprise for you. As we near the end of this, your first term at Hogwarts, I feel the time is right to take a measure of how you're all doing. On the last Friday of the term, just before you head off for your Christmas hols, we'll be having a little Potions test. Nothing to worry about, of course. Just keep up with your homework, and continue to work hard in lessons, and you'll all come through with flying colours.

And, as a little incentive to help you all work extra hard - the student with the highest mark will receive 50 housepoints! How's that, eh?

Fifth and seventh years, tests for you too. Not long until your OWLs and NEWTs, you know.
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It has been such a long time since I have written in this journal. I personally see much more point in talking in person than in writing to other people, but that's just an opinion. Anyway, I have had so much school work and trying to revise extra about herbology and going to classes and trying to maintain friendships and then trying to sleep on top of all the rest of it, it's been busy. But I have done everything so I'm happy. So how is everybody else?
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Did anybody take notes in Potions today?

I might have possibly set fire to my notes by accident.


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