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Greetings, British Wizarding World.

Things have been moving quickly of late - so much so that I could likely write to you every day. But then if I did, I hate to think what retributions might occur, whether 'in my name' or despite it.

Still, there are some items that bear attention, and demand response. Back at the beginning of last year, and then again in June, we talked about the debate over whether the Head Boy and Girl ought to be allowed to use the Unforgivable curse known as the Cruciatus. At the time, I wondered if teenagers had really become so much more unruly in the present generation that torture was the only way to control them.

However, it seems that the Grim Truth of the matter is even more insidious: Apparently the youth of Hogwarts no longer need to do anything wrong to earn punishment in extremis. Anyone with children at Hogwarts or soon to begin attendance should be righteously afraid for them, if they were not already. Especially now that they have been locked into quarantine by Ministry edict!

There were two incidents this week alone, neither of them provoked or deserved. I have seen some comments to the effect that the second student invited the curse, for academic interest, and therefore the occurrence is of no concern. I could not agree more with those who counter that an underage witch cannot be expected to give informed consent to be tortured. Although the witch in question has my respect and kudos for the way she bore the curse, she should never have been allowed to subject herself to it. I am sure her father wishes she could have gone through her whole life without ever experiencing the torment of an Unforgivable Curse. (As do we all.)

Some of the students have been braver than others at expressing their outrage – and their fear that they may be next. Even the Hogwarts Board of Governors have questioned the wisdom of allowing the Curse when it can be applied to callously and for so little reason as has been exhibited this week. Perhaps the least of these messages is the one that reminds us the journals are not to be trusted, for they are tools the Ministry intends to use against you as they monitor your thoughts and statements, much the way Amycus Carrow held a theoretical discussion against the student he tortured Thursday night.

This incident, and others like it, demonstrates more clearly than I can say how abhorrent the use of the Unforgivable Curses ought to be, and how there can be no safe haven for Hogwarts’ students while those in charge take it upon themselves to punish the people in their care so brutally. What justification can possibly serve? How can anyone of conscience allow such a miscarriage of duty? One can only hope that yesterday's emergent Board meeting will lead to a more sensible attitude toward the Curse. (It is especially intriguing to note Lucius Malfoy's shock over the use of the Curse, considering he had no such scruples when it was applied to his own goddaughter about a year ago - and by none other than my benighted mother!) I admit that I'm heartily curious as to the outcome and the particulars of their discussion!

At the same time, Hogwarts has now become a quarantine state, at the very time that its students are more concerned than ever that they'll be attacked by one type of madman or another. We now see that the Ministry cover-up of the epidemic has led to its spread far beyond the confines of the camps. Supposedly, the Ministry claims that half bloods are 'more vulnerable' to the ravages of disease. However, is should be clear that this affliction, whatever its origin, recognises no barriers of blood. It is working its way through the whole population, not just those with no magic. This fact alone ought to remind everyone that there is no difference between purebloods, halfbloods, Muggle-borns, and Muggles. All are human. I don't know what makes wizardkind able to perform magic. Is it a genetic trait? Is it something more mystical? I'm no biologist. But I do know that our abilities do not give us the right to style ourselves more worthy than those without the talent.

It's that distinction that I suspect may be the downfall of St Mungo's efforts to discover a cure for the Scourge - or paralysis, if you prefer. I shouldn't be surprised if they started, or were ordered to start, from the assumption that the camp epidemics could not touch the magical population. It's clear you're all at risk.

That assumes that the Ministry are (finally) telling you the Grim Truth themselves, and not obstructing your right to travel out of some authoritarian desire. One thing they have not told you is that no matter what, there is still hope. You owe it to yourselves to take precautions, but in addition to demand that the Ministry bring all its resources to bear, to make no assumptions about what may be causing this disease or how to resolve it. And you owe it to yourselves to keep questioning what you hear, to keep your eyes and ears open and to continue to speak when you can - and when you must.
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I gave Trinculus a note today about prefects being able to Crusiate us students. It said

I think that prefects should not be able to Crusiate students because it is a very strong punishment. Prefects can take away house points but they cant give you detention, because they aren't teachers and so they might be unfair. Sometimes Cruciatus is a good way to punish somebody because then they won't mess up again, but it also hurts alot. So teachers should be the only ones allowed to Crusiate students.

I wanted to put this in my journal so that everybody knows my opinion about it. Some of the Huff lot were saying that Slytherins were mean and just wanted to go around Crusiating everybody but that isn't true because I don't and I bet other Slytherins don't either.
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At the Prefects' regular meeting this week, one of the subjects touched upon was a certain incident which took place during the first year Hufflepuff Transfiguration class on Wednesday, involving the administration of the Cruciatus Curse. This led in turn to a rather wide-ranging discussion amongst the Prefects about school discipline in general, and in particular, the role which the Prefects and especially the Head Boy and Head Girl should take in helping maintain proper school order and discipline.

The various House Prefects, Head Boy, and Head Girl are all chosen by the Headmistress and staff to serve as proper examples for the rest of the student body, and to provide leadership when needed. In certain situations, when staff are not present, we are authorised to act as proxy for certain school functions, i.e., directing students in an emergency, docking school points for infractions of school rules, etc.

As the older students are undoubtedly aware, the notion has been periodically raised that in order to help maintain order, the Head Boy and Head Girl should be authorised (as the school Professors are) to administer the Cruciatus Curse when necessary to enforce adherence to the school Code of Conduct. Needless to say, we would expect this authority to be invoked on only very rare occasions. It has been rather a point of vexation for the Prefects that this subject seems to keep coming up each year without ever being quite settled. Consequently, the Head Boy Ned Pennifold and the Head Girl Susan Yaxley have decided to hold a formal debate on the issue, leading to an up and down vote amongst the prefects to settle the question, once and for all.

The resolution shall read: Be it RESOLVED: That the Head Boy and Head Girl of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are authorised to administer the Cruciatus Curse to students when necessary to enforce the student Code of Conduct.

Two prefects will present the case for each side. Xi Chang (Ravenclaw) and Serena Laverty (Slytherin) shall argue for the affirmative. Heidi MacAvoy (Hufflepuff) and I have volunteered to argue for the negative. This debate shall take place at the prefects' meeting a week from this coming Wednesday. You are invited to offer your comments on the Resolution to your House prefects, who will in turn pass these comments along to the two sides arguing the question. Please give the matter your careful consideration and let your voice be heard. We will consider your input to be crucial in helping us to finally resolve this important issue.


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