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Hello Hogwarts!

As a special treat for tomorrow’s feast in celebration of our Lord Protector’s birthday, we have produced magical masquerade masks. They have been glamoured to look like your house mascots. However, you may notice that a few are different. These have been specially glamoured as examples of what can be done with these wonderful novelties.

I would like to thank Pansy Parkinson, Lee Jordan, Fred & George Weasley and Harry Marvolo for all of their hard work and creativity in designing and testing the masks. We also had help from Tyche Jenkins, Draco Malfoy and Daphne Greengrass in the final push to finish them all this weekend. Professor Sinistra provided the workshop that we used over these last two weeks to design and create them.

Professor Vector has asked for voluntary donations to the Feast and Festivities Fund to defray the cost of materials which the school provided. There will be a suitably horrifically enchanted box at the Feast for these donations.

Now let us all have a spooky Halloween while we celebrate our glorious Lord Protector’s birthday.

If you wish to try your wand at changing the glamour on your mask, here is the formula to follow. First we do not recommend this for those under fifth year, unless you are experienced at making moving glamours. Hold the mask firmly arms length from you face, staring at the eyes and incant exturgen personen. While incanting start with your wand parallel to both the floor and the mask, bring the wand straight down as if wiping a blackboard and finish with a widdershins Elbert's flick.

Then cast your favourite glamour on the mask. We recommend one from the Stanislov or La Fey schools. However, we found the Italian school too temperamental. While maintaining the glamour, soak the mask in a fixative potion. Commercially available potions such as Forsby's Fixative and Eglantine Engelbert's Elixir of Elegance do the job. Pence's Permanent Portraiture and Lasting Landscapes might work for very special masks but are not recommended for general use. The entire line of Black Al's Artistic don't work due to specializing in certain artistic styles. We tinkered with our potion to make it work better on multiple masks.
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The Prefects had a meeting to compile all the questions people have been asking, and this evening your Head Boy and I had a chance to bring those questions to the Headmistress. What follows are her answers and a few common-sense reminders:

  • There is no age restriction for hopefuls but fourth-years and below are strongly reminded that they are very unlikely to be chosen. Please think carefully about your chances and your strengths before putting your name in for consideration.

  • The participants from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons will be housed within the castle and will take lessons alongside their agemates. At the moment, we anticipate that part of Ravenclaw Tower will be made available to the Beauxbatons students and a section of the dungeons will become the Durmstrang students' new home while they are visiting. Please accord them every courtesy as they learn their way round the castle and adjust to lessons with us.

  • As a result of the demands on the staff, grounds and champions themselves, we are suspending the year's Quidditch season. There will be no Quidditch Cup this year and the pitch will be temporarily converted for use in the Tournament.

  • Challenges for the Tri-Wizard Tournament are under the control of the Department of Magical Games and Sports and the Department of International Magical Co-Operation. Some students or staff may be given prior knowledge of a given task or challenge. Anyone found sharing information with a champion that might prove to give them an unfair advantage will be subject not only to Hogwarts' disciplinary action, but also the Ministry's.

  • It should go without saying, but no one will but the champions will be excused from end-of-term exams. Training for the Cup or assisting a champion to train will not be considered a valid excuse for failing to complete any professor's assignment.

  • The Cup will be displayed once our visiting delegations arrive in October and students may submit their names beginning that evening. The Champions' names will be drawn on Halloween.

Obviously, we all have or have friends who have aspirations for the Hogwarts Champion, but only one person will be chosen. Avery and I trust that you will all show the champion - whomever she or he is - your full support, but will also remember that the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students are also our guests. The purpose behind the Tri-Wizard Tournament remains, as it was in its heyday, to build relationships with wizards and witches outside our own country and, now that it has returned, to teach them by word and deed of the truly remarkable world which we in the Protectorate can enjoy.

Please bear that in mind as we look forward to the exciting days ahead.
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Well, what a night.

I have pieced together the events as follows - Professor Macnair's troll got loose somehow, it's unclear; Miss Granger was sulking in the ladies' loo and the troll came after her; Mr Marvolo et al decided they needed to play hero.

That awful Skeeter woman somehow managed to follow Mr Lupin and myself to the loo where the fracas took place, and she seems to have written an incredible amount of claptrap for the Daily Prophet - but never fear; the fourth estate has its own logic which reflects nothing whatsoever going on in the mind of the actual government. Initially, it is true, the Lord Protector was angry with Hermione - but a combination of my intercession and young Mr Marvolo's statements encouraged him to change his mind, and he eventually seemed rather touched that she was so affected by the accident with his birthday present. No, Arthur, I do not believe he ever got quite so far as to destroy her, but I do believe that he could have been goaded that way, had anyone seen a benefit in it. 

When I returned to my office after that conversation, I found that my hands were shaking. I never realise how serious these conversations are until after I am out of them, and then I realise it in my very bones.

Of course, the Carrows were already angry with being left out of the reception, and as a result Professor Macnair is in some very hot water; there is no evidence whatsoever that he was involved with the troll's escape, apart from discovering it, but Amycus and Alecto appear to have seized on it like dogs at a bone. The Lord Protector is more doubtful, but he nevertheless believes that it was an attempt on his life - foolish, perhaps, but it might have been intended as a diversion, I suppose. In any case, Professor Macnair shall be in the doghouse for quite some time, and I suspect we shall have to seat him at the opposite end of the table from Amycus and Alecto or else never get any peace.

From the Lord Protector's position, the troll's release actually was in some ways positive: at least the news cycle was not entirely taken up with the Grim Truth. Nevertheless, Sirius, he is astoundingly angry. He's sent squads of hit wizards after you - I hardly need tell you how dangerous they can be - and though I do not know the details, I would tell you to flee. Now. Move as often as you can. Of course I will let you know when the search seems, on this end, to have slacked.

And what am I left with? A raging headache, cheek from Regulus Black, and damage all throughout the castle.
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Hermione, I've not been frightened like that in a long time. Do not ever, ever go off on your own again, do you understand me? I do not normally support punishments for mistakes, but I want you to wear that amulet without fail. It's for your own protection.

I am pleased that this week has ended. Perhaps things may go back to whatever passes for normal, around here. Hopefully, Voldemort the Lord Protector has had his fill of Hogwarts and won't be calling by again for some time.

My apologies for having been remiss in correspondence. I've been recovering, and not in the mood for chatter. I'm a bit better now.

Myrtle, the toilets will be repaired as soon as possible. I've still got to dispose of that troll.


Nov. 1st, 2008 08:42 am
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Who smashed up the first floor girls bathroom by the Great Hall? And it stinks in here!
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If anyone did not hear the Headmistress' announcement, all students are to return to their common rooms IMMEDIATELY. Once you are there, please check in with your prefects and do not attempt to leave again until the situation is resolved.

It is important that students obey all instructions from their prefects. Above all, do not panic. The Common Rooms for each House are perfectly safe and secure. The Aurors are here doing their jobs, and you may be sure that His Lordship is well-protected.

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The missing students have been found and the troll is accounted for. I repeat: All is well.

Return to your common rooms. There is no need to worry. All is well in hand. 
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If you are hiding somewhere and able to respond, tell us where you are and we shall send help immediately.
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Amidst the confusion, the Lord Protector's son, Harry Marvolo, cannot be found. It is assumed that Draco Malfoy, his Slytherin house-mate, is with him.

If anyone knows the location of Harry Marvolo or Draco Malfoy, please approach either myself or one of the other Aurors. Your assistance shall be rewarded.


Oct. 31st, 2008 07:43 pm
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Neville Longbottom and Ronald Weasley, please report to the Gryffindor Common Room immediately.
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Greetings, British Wizarding World.

Today is a day of national significance for us all. Of course, it is your Lord Protector's birthday, which I am sure is cause for celebration for at least a dozen of you. But it is also All Hallow's Eve, which has been a holiday throughout the western world for centuries. The druidic sect of wizards, some of your ancestors, marked All Hallow's as the end of the year, the night on which old spirits return to walk the earth.

Ten years ago, two spirits were added to that complement long before they should have been. A brave, skilled wizard and a defiant, strong witch were murdered for no crime other than trying to protect innocent lives. They dared to stand up to one of the most infamous practitioners of the Dark Arts that our people have ever known, and for that, they paid the ultimate price.

In a perfect world, Lily and James Potter would be alive today, watching their son as he continues what is sure to be an illustrious career as student and wizard. In a less perfect, but better world than ours, I would at least have been able to be there for him. Instead he is among snakes and toadies. He has been raised to believe lies, and doubt the truth.

Traditionally, All Hallow's or Samhain is a time for renewal, a time to ask for health, peace and prosperity in the coming year. Some of you may think you already enjoy peace. But it is a false peace. It is a peace built on the backs of slaves, a peace that flouts the principles of equality and opportunity for all that many of our forebears fought to achieve for themselves.

So for my Hallowe'en wish, I wish only for you to know this: It is never a waste of time to fight against evil, never a futile effort to refuse to collude with those who would set themselves higher by bringing others low.

Years ago, not so very long, in fact, our people were oppressed and murdered, feared and misunderstood. It is easy to believe that Muggles deserve the same ill treatment or that they must be oppressed in return in order to protect the wizard population.

But this is a lie. One can debate the wisdom of hiding from Muggles, but the answer is not to show ourselves only to suppress them. It is not to separate families or to beat their children into submission and raise them in an atmosphere of terror and derision. It is not to decry a small voice that dares in innocence to ask the simplest, yet hardest, questions: Questions with answers that stab at the heart of hatred. It is not to accuse Muggles of practising genetic alteration on their children in order to create magical issue, when Muggleborn witches and wizards have been a fact of natural procreation for as long as history has been recorded.

One such Muggleborn was a witch of uncommon talent and immense kindness. She married a wizard born to an old, respected and pureblood line. Together, they served the cause of righteousness. I commend and honour their commitment to that goal. Although they fell to the same dark wizards who now control our 'blessed isle,' nevertheless they live in our memories. They are embodied in our continued fight for justice and truth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, when you raise your glasses tonight in toast to the so-called Protector of Britain, I bid you, in your hearts, salute the sacrifice of James and Lily Potter. Remember them as I remember them: defiant, strong, generous and loving. Remember that they gave everything in their attempt to save, not just their son, but all of us. Remember James and Lily.


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