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I woke up this morning wondering how to post so that more than the Order of the Phoenix could see an announcement, but the Death Eaters still couldn't. I think this will work.

So anyone who can see this: Congratulations, you're a loyal citizen of Albion! Which is good because there's loads of work to do to make this country right.

And if Bellatrix Lestrange can see this, or Barty Crouch, then perhaps there's hope for them, after all.

Anyway, a year ago, Justin and Hydra risked rather a lot to get married. It was so dangerous that they had to keep it a complete secret, even from all of their best mates.

Everyone in the Order of the Phoenix knows what it's like to have to keep a dread secret. Probably loads of you Albionites do, too, when you've harboured feelings and beliefs that didn't properly match what the Protectorate was telling you, and you wanted to speak out against their injustice but you were too afraid. It's easy to keep a secret when it's something you fear, or feel ashamed about, or wish would go away. But sometimes, it's the happy secrets that are the hardest things to hold close and not share.

Like when someone like Terry, a muggleborn, had friends who were so determined to be able to talk to him, they figured out a way. And then he asked them to include me, too. So then, I had friends. I made friends with students like the Weasleys, Lee Jordan, Sally-Anne Perks, and later on, Pansy Parkinson, and Daphne Greengrass, and Hydra, and Justin. All because of a secret that we had to keep together. It was a happy secret, but it was still something we all knew we had to protect. Not protecting it would have meant prison, betraying even bigger secrets, like who was in the Order, and even death.

But it was ever so difficult, especially when there were people outside that circle who we weren't sure we could trust, however much we wanted to do. So I can understand, a little, how hard and how dangerous and how tempting it must have been for Justin and Hydra, so often, not to slip, not to tell the rest of us--no matter how much they trusted us--because happy secrets like that, they get around, once they start to be shared.

And in a normal society, that's good. There might be a few people who are hurt, personally, but that's a temporary pain. And far more people would be happy right along with everyone else, so it would help the sad ones find something to salvage and share in the happiness, too.

Today, here, in Albion, we can celebrate our happiness with each other, secure that no one will kill us just for loving someone we're 'not supposed to'--because there is no 'supposed to' about love. Sometimes it's hard to believe that, but taking the chance and sharing one's happiness is always better than having to keep it only to oneself.

Because happiness shared just gets better. And sadness shared, well, that's what starts it to heal.

Justin and Hydra risked a lot for each other, but they kept their marriage a happy secret for the good of all their friends, however much they must have wanted to tell us. Today, though, they don't have to hide, and they don't have to keep it secret, and they don't have to be afraid, and they don't have to care who knows it.

Here's to not having to keep happy secrets, ever again.
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Greetings, British Citizens of Albion, and others!

Over the last four weeks, every person in this country has experienced great change. Most of us are still mourning losses - of material things, homes, possessions, jobs or livelihoods, of friends and loved ones, sisters, brothers, parents, daughters and sons. It's no surprise that many of you are clinging to the system and leaders you know, or you think you know, rather than take a chance on something new.

There are some things that haven't changed, however. The Ministry and the Council who brought about and supported Voldemort's tyranny lied to you when he was alive, and they are still lying to you now. If you think you'll be safe from oppression under their rule, you are mistaken. If you've heard reports of atrocities committed by Albion's Aurors or members of the Order of the Phoenix, such as the murder of families who declined to join us, they are untrue.

Some of the people we are attempting to capture are guilty of heinous crimes. They will be held accountable. If they turn themselves in, they will be given a fair trial and treated humanely while in our custody. If they give us no choice, we will kill them fairly in combat, but we will make the attempt to bring them in peaceably unless there is no alternative.

As for specific questions about me or about the Provisional Government of Albion, the Order of the Phoenix, or any topic related to the difference between our policies and those of the Death Eaters, I hereby invite them. When I began my essays, seven years ago, people used to write to me with questions they had about the Protectorate. Oh, there was a fair amount of hateful commentary, as well, but there never failed to be one or two with earnest queries. As well as some who simply had stories of their own that they wanted heard.

Well, today, I am opening the floodgates. Ask me anything. I reserve the right to tell you that I can't answer your question for the security of our ongoing conflict with the remnants of the Protectorate, but if I can, I'll provide as honest a reply as possible.

Let's start off with something simple. These are sure to be questions many of you have, so I'll just get them out of the way:

-Are you a traitor, Sirius Black?
No, but that depends on how you look at it. Am I a traitor to the Protectorate? The Protectorate was never my government. I was never on Voldemort's side and never will be. I was loyal to Britain and I am still loyal to the Provisional Government of Albion, and the Order of the Phoenix.

-But are you a murderer?
No. I've had to kill enemies in the heat of battle, in self-defence. I've been responsible for the deaths of others. In some cases, that's because the Order decided they needed to be executed after being found guilty of terrible crimes, including murder. Other times I've been unable to keep people from being killed. People who ought to have lived. I carry those failures, and will regret their loss, always. But no, I'm not a murderer.

I certainly wouldn't kill an entire family just because they decide not to side with Albion (though we have reason to believe they were contemplating joining us, and that's why the Council had them killed).

What else do you want to know? Public, private - ask your questions, and I'll tell only Grim Truths.
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People of Great Britain:

The Transitional Government of Albion has been formed, and has drawn up a charter for the coming months. Our duties as Provisional Representatives are the following:

1.) To keep the peace, protect all law-abiding people from those who would harm them, and bring those who are active agents of destruction to justice

2.) To provide access to basic food and shelter for all persons

3.) To provide incentives and support to communities who voluntarily assist with the resettlement and integration of non-magical persons

4.) To promote growth of business, support initiatives that employ both magical and non-magical people and pay them living wages, and prevent price gouging and dramatic inflation of currency

5.) To provide educational opportunities and technical training for all persons, including the repair of Hogwarts and the re-establishment of Oxford

6.) To re-establish our position in the international community, open our borders, and expand our trade

7.) To establish the guidelines for a permanent system of government that will be representative and equitable to both magical and non-magical persons, with an aim to hold open elections within the next two years. The Provisional Representatives of Albion will then peaceably step down to make way for the new government, and we will recuse ourselves from running for political office.

This transition will not always go smoothly – we are all in a very real way completely writing a new future for ourselves, at a time when there are still individuals who are actively fighting to maintain their old systems of power through fear and intimidation. These individuals no longer have a mandate to rule – they have no right to seize property, to make arrests, to demand fees and taxes, or to intimidate the press to report falsehoods. We will continue to work to eradicate these last rotten elements from our all-too-recent past, but we will need your help. If you see or experience an act of violence or intimidation, speak up, and we will come to your aid.

We will also require your help in other ways – whether you volunteer to serve as a member of your local Safety and Welfare Committee, apply to work as an employee of the Transitional Government of Albion, are called to teach, are expanding or starting a place of business, or are simply sorting out how you can work and live under a system that provides you the opportunity to live free from fear, but requires you to be fair and tolerant of others.

In addition to our need for people from a variety of skill sets and backgrounds to fill necessary jobs in our new government, we would like to extend the following invitation: any young person under the age of twenty who has taken his or her OWLs is eligible for our youth volunteer programme. We will provide a salary, housing if necessary, and the opportunity to spend the next year helping to rebuild our country.

As Provisional Representatives, we are called upon to represent all people in our communities, and be responsive to their needs. We welcome any and all who are eager and willing to join us in this vital work.
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Voldemort is dead.

Through an act of incredible bravery and sacrifice, he has been destroyed thoroughly and absolutely, and he will never be able to return. In addition, the Ministry has been rendered obsolete, Hogwarts has been routed of all who would threaten the lives of our children, and a significant number of camps country-wide have successfully liberated themselves.

We will be working over the next months to establish a transitional government consisting of magical and non-magical representatives, and will be depending on volunteers to help keep our communities fed and safe, as well as to begin the massive undertaking of re-settling and awaking our sleeping countrymen. In the coming weeks, we will be providing volunteer centers in various cities across Great Britain for any who wish to lend a helping hand. This is still a period of instability and uncertainty; although the tide has turned, there are several members of the old regime who will insist on going down fighting. We will make every effort to try to protect all people from their acts of violence.

To those Enforcers, Council-wizards, and Aurors who remain at-large; you will either surrender to be held accountable for your actions in a court of your peers, or will be taken forcibly. You are no longer relevant, and you no longer represent the will of this country. If you surrender peaceably, you will be treated humanely and fairly.

To the people of Great Britain: Now is a time to gather our loved ones close to us, to attempt to rebuild this great land, and to remember what it is like to be free. You can communicate without fear using the private messages; they are no longer capable of being monitored, nor will they ever be. You can move freely within the country, and we are working to re-open our borders. If you have Muggleborn or Muggle servants, they are no longer your property, and can leave of their own will. We will direct them to places where they can reunite with their families, and they will be living and working among us as we rebuild our communities together.

This is far from the end of things, but it is a promising beginning – a chance to move forward and build a future together – not tied together by fear and subjugation, but united under principles of democracy and free will, where people are treated with dignity and respect because of their inherent humanity. It is time to forge a new path where wizards and muggles work, live, and love alongside one another. We do not need to hide; we do not need to rule; we are capable of coexisting.

We must collectively face this new future with eyes wide open: prepared for repentance, reconciliation, and forgiveness, but also wary of those who have used their power to accomplish acts of depraved cruelty. Now is not the time for acts of revenge or mob justice. We will heal together, but we will also stand together against those who pose an immediate threat to our safety.

To the parents of all children who were attending Hogwarts this school term; several of you have already had your children returned safely home. Many thanks to the House Elves of Hogwarts for their assistance in this matter, and for their stalwart defence of so many during the fight.

Poppy Pomfrey will provide a list of students whose parents were unable to be located, who are currently still missing, who are too wounded to move safely, and who died fighting. As to the wounded, we have capable Healers attending them, and as soon as we can assure their safety, we can transport those who need it to St Mungo’s for further care. We will continue to work with the House Elves to locate any remaining students in Hogwarts, and will provide updated information about the missing as we learn more. Any parents or legal guardians of students on these lists can approach the main Hogsmeade gate. You will be asked to turn over your wand for inspection, and will need to wait for an hour as a security precaution. Your wand will then be returned to you, and you will be escorted into the building. For several of you, this reunion will be one that is very painful. As a parent, as a mother who has lost a child, I can begin to fathom your grief and sorrow, and I am overwhelmed with regret at our not being able to save everyone.

There are a handful of students who have decided for their own safety to stay under our protection for the time being. They are here by choice, are capable of coming and going as they please, and will be able to communicate directly and privately with you using the journals if they so choose. They will have our support for as long as they need it, as will any young person who requires asylum or protection.

To the students of Hogwarts; you will no doubt need time to mourn – an entire generation of magical young people was very nearly extinguished, and many of you saw your schoolmates and friends cut down in front of your eyes. As soon as we are able, when the immediate threat has passed, we will find a way to honour their lives together. They will be remembered. I am so deeply sorry for your loss.

The wounds of the past few days – of the past twenty years – will not heal overnight. But today holds great promise, and I look forward to building this new future with you.
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Tonight, at great - great personal cost - the Order of the Phoenix took back Hogwarts.

It was not a complete victory. There are still Death Eaters at large in the country.

I call upon all citizens who believe in true 'Freedom from Tyranny' to immediately and with prejudice aid in the capture of any former Councilwizard who does not turn him- or herself in peaceably and submit to a fair trial.

Parents, Guardians: We have - we have a great deal of work to do to sort out which students hid, who got away, and who made the ... the ultimate sacrifice. Know that no one was pressed into battle for our part, but some of your children did decide to stay and fight.

Please, everyone: Hogwarts is now free, but it is not fully secure. Allow us to help restore your children to you, both the living and the - dead.

Order Only

May. 16th, 2015 10:34 pm
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We have the Astronomy tower.

Anyone under 17 can pass the ward. Anyone over 17, the password is Helga.

Someone tell the Galleons, please.

Donnelly won't be a problem.

Checking what's useful up here now.
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To the one who now calls himself Harry Potter:

You belong to me, and always have. This has always been your purpose. This has always been your destiny. Accept it - embrace it.

Come to me and you need never know pain or fear again. Come to me willingly, and you can end this pointless conflict now and forever. Come to me before midnight in two days' time, and no one else need die because of your cowardice. Submit to my will, and understand. It's time, Harry.

Your schoolmates' lives depend on you obeying my command.

Greetings, British Wizarding World!

The above words are appearing in journals all over the country tonight. Harry Potter, having denounced the unjust system under which he was raised and sensibly run to safety, has been ordered to surrender to the cruelty of the tyrant who would make you ALL his slaves.

It doesn't stop with Muggleborn. It stops when every single wizard and witch in this nation is completely and utterly shackled. That is the grimmest of grim truths.

If you have not been moved by the words of Severus Snape, of Draco Malfoy, of Harry or of ANY OTHER member of the Order of the Phoenix, myself included, be moved by these, the words of your so-called Lord Protector himself: Submit to his will, or die.

DO NOT SUBMIT. Stand up and fight for your lives. All of you, across the entire country. Show your false lord what you really think of him.
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Students: Your cooperation with today's restriction has been greatly appreciated. I am afraid those restrictions must continue for the duration: for your safety, until the current situation is resolved, Hogwarts will remain on lockdown. Floo travel will remain suspended, as will owl post. All visitors to the castle must be approved, in advance, through MLE and must undergo strict security screening.

I am certain you are all wondering about two things: when you will once again have access to your wands, and (for seventh-years) whether NEWTs will still be held beginning tomorrow.

Wand use will be restricted until further notice, again for your safety and security. Your wands will continue to be held safely for you. In the upcoming week, they will be returned to you at the beginning of each lesson, and once again secured afterwards. If you are in need of something that requires a wand in the interim, you may ask a teacher.

NEWTs will still be held according to schedule. To reduce disruption, to minimise the chance of further security breach, and to reduce the amount of security screening necessary, your examiners will enjoy Hogwarts' hospitality for the duration of the exams. Students who are taking the exams will, again, have their wands returned to them at the door of the examination hall and will need to turn them in when they leave. Please refer to the schedule that has already been posted for times and locations of your exams.

The Enforcers stationed in the corridors will remain for the duration. Please cooperate with them fully. Obey all instructions, answer any of their questions, and do not interfere with the commission of their duties.

If anyone has any further information about the rot of sedition that has apparently infected Hogwarts to the bone, now is the time to report it. It is vital that we put this matter to rest once and for all.
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To all those living in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales,

It has been far too long since I had a chance to speak to many friends, peers, colleagues, former students, acquaintances, and even enemies. Perhaps you missed me?

You will find that there have been some changes at Dover this morning. At dawn, I and my closest associates made ourselves at home in the Old Customs House and its immediate surroundings, giving us control over the sole import site for the Protectorate along with a most intriguing magical device.

Those of you who have become accustomed to spices and fine wines from the continent, silks and sandalwood, esoteric texts from the finest minds outside the wards, even the foreign Quidditch news will, perhaps, be disappointed. It is a mild burden compared to the restrictions on so many in the country.

That said, certain items are needed for more than personal pleasure. I and those assisting me will be glad to make arrangements for delivery of essential supplies to qualified Healers, through a secure and private drop point. You may make inquiries via journal, where they will be evaluated by experts in the relevant fields who may also suggest suitable regional alternatives.

Yours in the pursuit of freedom,
Albus Dumbledore
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Remember the Frost Faire Games!

Never forget.
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Students of Hogwarts: I must thank you for your cooperation during this evening's events. Further announcements will follow at breakfast; in the meantime, please give your full cooperation to any requests made by a member of MLE or Professors Desai and Sandoval-Pennifold.

Third and seventh year students, astronomy lessons are cancelled for the evening. Please remain in your dormitories until morning.

If anyone has any information that may be of use to MLE, please write at your earliest convenience, or see one of us after the announcements at breakfast.
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Will the following students please report to the Headmaster's office following classes at 4PM:

Archer, Gareth
Archer, Igraine
Bode, Cressida
Bones, Edward
Bones, Susan
Bradley, Juliana
Brocklehurst, Mandy
Brown, Lavender
Bulstrode, Millicent
Bundy, Katrina
Featherstone, Maegara
Finch-Fletchley, Justin
Jones, Megan
Jugson, Jeremy
Longbottom, Evelyn
Longbottom, Neville
Lovegood, Luna
Mackrell, Rebecca
Midgen, Eloise
Peakes, James
Ross, Artemius
Sandoval, Honoria
Smith, Zacharias
Stein, Norma
Warrington, Darius
Weasley, Ginevra
Weasley, Ron
Zabini, Blaise
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While I am always happy to hear from the parents of Hogwarts students who have concerns about their children's education, and am pleased that the student body is likewise comfortable coming to me, please allow me to address a few common issues all at once.

Parents: While the honour of witnessing Our Lord dispense His justice can certainly be overwhelming to those who are not prepared for it, please be assured that your children are being well cared for. The great Protectorate that shelters us all does, alas, have enemies who advocate for a return to the dark days of secrecy and hiding, and to defend our freedom and our wizarding way of life it is necessary for those enemies to be dealt with swiftly and without quarter. Those who do not seek to destroy that which we hold dear have nothing to fear. Those who do, have no place to hide. Your children have witnessed the price that must be paid to keep us free from tyranny; I urge you all to use that example to inspire yourselves to your own forms of service, and to carefully look around you for signs that the rot of disloyalty has been allowed to take hold.

Students: Those who still have questions about Friday's demonstration should bring those questions to your Heads of House, or to your professors tomorrow during classes. Those who find themselves still overcome by the honour Our Lord has paid us all may continue to report to Madam Pomfrey for assistance.

I have received a number of inquires from students in Gryffindor House who have requested to be re-Sorted, given the cloud of treason that hangs over Gryffindor's doors. While I am sympathetic, we do not allow re-Sorting of students; the decisions of the Sorting Hat are final. I urge you all to instead work tirelessly to show your dedication to Our Lord, to the Protectorate, and to the good of wizardingkind. The stain upon Gryffindor's honour and reputation may take generations to clear fully, but the process of that clearing begins with your commitment and loyalty.
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Greetings, British Wizarding World!

The Daily Prophet has made much in the last week of my recent escape from MLE.

I admit, there's only one reason you have read about how I evaded them, rather than about my death by Bellatrix Lestrange's wand. That reason is a young woman named Ellie Summer.

Ellie was born to Michael and Jean Summer in 1977. We think her birthday was in April, because she remembered it being some time around Easter. When she was five, she was separated from her parents and put into one of the Muggleborn compounds in Stoke-on-Trent. At approximately seven years of age, she was given to Madam Leona Dimmock of Ollerton. Her principal duties were to serve at the witch's social parties, mixing drinks and so on. She was treated as something between a house elf and a pet - until, that is, Ellie grew too old for Madam Dimmock's tastes. She was too tall, too spotty and 'no longer elfin' and so the old woman sent her back to the camps.

Ellie never talked to us much about what life was like there, over the next four or five years. I can only imagine that it's a time she would have preferred to forget. It's not hard to guess what she endured: a young girl, growing to womanhood, alone, with no idea how to survive. The best she could say about her mistress was that under her yoke, she did not know hunger, was not physically abused and knew, when she laid her head to rest, that she would not be robbed or murdered in her sleep. No such guarantee in the camps, where too often it's every one for herself, where the gaolers are more dangerous than the inmates. But nothing prepared her to go back, either.

When she came to us, Ellie was concerned about the rules. Things a free person would never worry about: How and where to stand, what to say or not say, what would happen if she failed to meet expectation. The first time she broke a glass, she almost cut herself trying to clean up with her bare hands, sobbing the whole time, she was that frightened of disapproval. She didn't know she could trust us and had no reason not to fear the consequences of failing to please. But from the beginning, she had a way with the customers, particularly the other Muggleborn who would shop for the households they served, or some of the older witches and wizards who would drop in more for the conversation and company than anything on the shelves. Eventually, she grew to understand that her new 'masters' were not going to treat her as a slave. They were interested in her as a person.

In time, Ellie came to be more than a servant - she became a trusted friend. She practically ran the shop by herself and customers often came to see her, even when there was nothing they wanted to buy. She was clever, funny, observant, kind and - above all - decent to everyone who crossed her path.

Ellie also talked with us about the change we desired for England, restoring a government that valued equality, condemning the cruel treatment of muggles for no crime other than being in the majority population, recognising that anyone born capable of magic has the right to hold a wand and freeing all of Britain once more, reconnecting it to the rest of the world. We made sure she had a wand and taught her to use it. Her appetite for learning spells was insatiable. She was always interested in tales about how things were before, as well as stories about our ongoing struggle against Voldemort. She was always willing to help in any effort that would further the Order's goals for freedom.

Ellie wanted to see Paris, Rome, New York City. She dreamed of having her own children. But she was also fierce, and practical, and knew that we had to fight to win those privileges which in other countries are rights.

Ellie Summer was killed last Sunday, 26th October. She leapt in front of a Killing Curse, one that would have killed me if she had not acted with outright bravery. She died to give me, and others, a chance to escape, to keep fighting. She died in service to the Order of the Phoenix. She was twenty years old.

Ellie was never given the opportunity to be Sorted, but if she had come to Hogwarts, I believe she would have been a Gryffindor. I believe she would have brought honour to our House. I am proud to have called her a friend. The Grim Truth is that I can never repay her sacrifice - but I can make sure she is remembered.

Since you will not read her obituary in any account the Prophet might provide, I thought it would be fitting to share it here.
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Students: I am delighted to announce that Our Lord has decided to honour us with His presence at Halloween supper on Friday night.

I'm certain that all of you will join me in putting Hogwarts' best face forward.
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I'm certain the student body and the wizarding community would join me in thanking Mr Charlie Weasley for his interesting and informative look at dragonkeeping as a profession and the beauty and majesty of dragons as a species. I'd also like to thank his colleagues, who sacrificed a Sunday afternoon to helping him transport and exhibit the Stornoway Reserve's specimen.

The next installment in the Hogwarts lecture series will be Sunday, 26 October. Professor Egalantine Marwick, Hogwarts' own new history professor, will be lecturing on historiography in times of dramatic social and political upheaval. Professor Marwick is the author of four books on Our Lord's rise to power: The Calm Before the Storm, Wizard War, The Dark Before the Dawn, and Glorious New Morning. He is working on a fifth, as-yet-untitled book, tentatively scheduled for a release in August of next year.

The lecture will begin at 7:30PM in the Hogwarts library. Light refreshments will be served afterwards in the Great Hall. It is open to any citizen of the Protectorate who wishes to attend, not simply students and their parents.

Our next lecture will be Sunday, November 9.
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I will be offering a workshop on effective use of chaining offensive spells in battle in the training salle on Monday evening for students who have earned admission to the salle. If you are interested, join me there after supper, dressed for exercise. Please prepare by thinking of five or six spells you feel would chain together well.

Admission will be limited to twenty students. If there is more interest than that, I will happily hold another session later in the week.
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I'd like to thank Councilmember Rodolphus Lestrange again for generously sharing his time and expertise last Sunday. I trust that those of you who attended Councilmember Lestrange's lecture enjoyed it as much as I did; those of you who did not attend mised a lively, entertaining, and informative evening.

The next installment in the Hogwarts lecture series will be Sunday, 12 October. Mr Charlie Weasley of the Stornoway Dragon Reserve will be lecturing on dragons and the profession of dragonkeeping.

Mr Weasley has arranged for the exhibition of one of the Reserve's Hungarian Horntail dragons, beginning at 5PM. Those interested should report to the front courtyard for further directions. The lecture itself will begin at 7:30PM in the Hogwarts library. Light refreshments will be served afterwards in the Great Hall. Again, it is open to any citizen of the Protectorate who wishes to attend, not simply students and their parents.

Our next lecture will be Sunday, 26 October.
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Sixth and seventh year students: Professor Desai and I have each had several of you ask about space and time to practise your duelling outside class. We've discussed the matter thoroughly, and have set up a duelling salle and training course in the east wing.

Obviously, student safety is a paramount concern. To that end, we have instituted a number of rules that must be followed for the use of the space:

— The space is thoroughly warded against casual admission. Professor Desai and I are both able to authorise passage through the wards. To be added to that list, you must briefly duel one of us. We'll be looking for both skill and a concern for safety.

— The salle will be available whenever you wish once you have earned the privilege of admission, and it is set up for both solo practice and paired or group training. You may use it as you'd like. However, you must come see me or Professor Desai for a brief report within 24 hours after each time you use the space, without exception: this is so we can check you over to make sure your practice has had no lingering effects.

— If you are sharing the space with one of your classmates, or with another professor, you must hold to standard training course etiquette to avoid clashing with each other's practice. If you are unfamiliar with course etiquette, you may ask one of your classmates who have more experience, or see me, Professor Desai, or Professor Sandoval-Pennifold for a tutorial.

— Both Professor Desai and I are happy to conduct training sessions, either individually or for small groups, for those who would like additional instruction. See us individually to make arrangements.

— If we determine you are training in a manner we consider unsafe or too risky, allowing admission to unauthorised students without our explicit permission, or in any way abusing the privilege of the use of the salle, we reserve the right to revoke your privilege of admission.

Please see one of us if you have any questions, or to arrange an appointment for consideration for admission.