Nov. 9th, 2008 01:17 pm
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Alice made me get one of these but I'm not certain I know how they work. Hello hello hello hello hello hello?

Anyway I'm supposed to write in here and say that Alice and I are very excited because we have news. The news is that we are expecting. Alice told me two days ago and I have been bumping into things ever since. It was a surprise to say the least. But it's good news because even though we weren't planning on more children we're quite happy that we will be having more children.

Alice is sleeping at the moment but when she is awake I'm sure she'll have more to say. I'm not the writer in the family she is.

She wants to tell Neville but we can't of course. It upsets her quite a bit and makes me want to pop Voldemort's head clean off all the more. 

Are we mad for bringing a child into this broken world?
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Well, what a night.

I have pieced together the events as follows - Professor Macnair's troll got loose somehow, it's unclear; Miss Granger was sulking in the ladies' loo and the troll came after her; Mr Marvolo et al decided they needed to play hero.

That awful Skeeter woman somehow managed to follow Mr Lupin and myself to the loo where the fracas took place, and she seems to have written an incredible amount of claptrap for the Daily Prophet - but never fear; the fourth estate has its own logic which reflects nothing whatsoever going on in the mind of the actual government. Initially, it is true, the Lord Protector was angry with Hermione - but a combination of my intercession and young Mr Marvolo's statements encouraged him to change his mind, and he eventually seemed rather touched that she was so affected by the accident with his birthday present. No, Arthur, I do not believe he ever got quite so far as to destroy her, but I do believe that he could have been goaded that way, had anyone seen a benefit in it. 

When I returned to my office after that conversation, I found that my hands were shaking. I never realise how serious these conversations are until after I am out of them, and then I realise it in my very bones.

Of course, the Carrows were already angry with being left out of the reception, and as a result Professor Macnair is in some very hot water; there is no evidence whatsoever that he was involved with the troll's escape, apart from discovering it, but Amycus and Alecto appear to have seized on it like dogs at a bone. The Lord Protector is more doubtful, but he nevertheless believes that it was an attempt on his life - foolish, perhaps, but it might have been intended as a diversion, I suppose. In any case, Professor Macnair shall be in the doghouse for quite some time, and I suspect we shall have to seat him at the opposite end of the table from Amycus and Alecto or else never get any peace.

From the Lord Protector's position, the troll's release actually was in some ways positive: at least the news cycle was not entirely taken up with the Grim Truth. Nevertheless, Sirius, he is astoundingly angry. He's sent squads of hit wizards after you - I hardly need tell you how dangerous they can be - and though I do not know the details, I would tell you to flee. Now. Move as often as you can. Of course I will let you know when the search seems, on this end, to have slacked.

And what am I left with? A raging headache, cheek from Regulus Black, and damage all throughout the castle.
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To quote another classic film: 'Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night.'

Or in other words, here we go!


I hope very much that by writing what I've just written while Marvolo and his circle are occupied gives the message a little while to spread, before the manure hits the snitch.

I quite understand if you have to spit at me to protect yourselves; in fact - you might want to do. I'll even argue back a bit if I can, so you can really have a go at me.

Arthur, here's hoping this is a strong dose of hope.
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I hope that it was all right that I took Mr Lupin to the Hospital Wing!!! Terry came and told me about how he was hurt, and I know it's the last day of my punishment but I don't think anybody saw me, so it ought to be all right, oughtn't it?

I don't know where he was but you ought to say something about it because I know that Harry Marvolo noticed, he wrote about it in his journal. I thought that Mr Lupin wasn't to be trusted?! He was just hurt so bad and I know that Mrs Longbottom went to go help him, I read about it, so I thought that maybe something had changed.


Oct. 9th, 2008 01:56 pm
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I see that Remus has left Hogwarts. Has he told anyone where he might be going?

It is imperative that I speak with someone immediately.
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Has anyone any ideas about where Terry and me could meet?

I don't want him to have to hide books where Prof Carrow could find them. But I also don't want him to have to stop reading. I was hoping that there might be a classroom or some such thing. I know that I can't hide things in with the press, I can't show Terry that. I wouldn't act that way. But I do want to teach him things, and learn things with him.


Sep. 11th, 2008 11:12 pm
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Miss Granger, I cannot tell you how much I regret the necessity of what I am about to do.
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Lydia - the lovely young lass charged with keeping the books here at the shop, has taught me that hair color need not be found in nature.

I am afraid I have little news. The Americans, while a worthy ally, are rather disorganised in their attempts to circumvent Voldemort's hold on Britain. Their president is indecisive and their military quite useless. Wizard forces are banding together however, and there may be hope yet for a resolution, or at least some sort of tactic to begin with. I do like beginnings. They lead to endings, which can always be surprising.

In the meantime, I have arranged an underground railroad of sorts (another term taught me by Lydia) of supplies, educational materials and - most importantly - wands, to be ferreted into Britain from France. Sirius, I would appreciate your efforts in overseeing this project. Contact Silence Bellows in Nice; she will instruct you on how to use the so-called 'Chunnel' as a method of transferring these supplies into England. My friend Nicholas and his wife will be on hand to see that these supplies are distributed to the Muggleborn and half-blooded Wizardfolk as needed.

Apparently Voldemort neglected to realise that the 'Chunnel' is not one singular tunnel, and that Muggles are crafty buggers in their own right.

Miss Granger, I trust you will be available to help see some of these items to your fellows at Hogwarts.

I must go. A new shipment of Pixie Sticks has arrived and I do not believe Lydia when she insists they are not made from real pixies.

Order Only

Sep. 6th, 2008 10:58 pm
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Ah, but little does the so-called Lord Protector know that by releasing journals beyond Britain, he has unwittingly provided the final component I needed to be able to communicate with you all at last.

Hello, my friends, from America. The tea here is terrible.
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My fellow Phoenixes:

At great risk to himself, Bill Weasley has provided us with a "back door," as he calls it, into the Ministry's spy-journal network. When you preface your journal entries with "Order Only," they will be visible only to Order members. You need not fear that your journal might give you away: if you and a non-Order member were looking at the same page, one which had a top-secret Order communication on it, they would see nothing amiss.

Remember: secrecy is important, and your journals will be public unless you use the Order Only preface. We are playing for much more than just House points.


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