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Lydia - the lovely young lass charged with keeping the books here at the shop, has taught me that hair color need not be found in nature.

I am afraid I have little news. The Americans, while a worthy ally, are rather disorganised in their attempts to circumvent Voldemort's hold on Britain. Their president is indecisive and their military quite useless. Wizard forces are banding together however, and there may be hope yet for a resolution, or at least some sort of tactic to begin with. I do like beginnings. They lead to endings, which can always be surprising.

In the meantime, I have arranged an underground railroad of sorts (another term taught me by Lydia) of supplies, educational materials and - most importantly - wands, to be ferreted into Britain from France. Sirius, I would appreciate your efforts in overseeing this project. Contact Silence Bellows in Nice; she will instruct you on how to use the so-called 'Chunnel' as a method of transferring these supplies into England. My friend Nicholas and his wife will be on hand to see that these supplies are distributed to the Muggleborn and half-blooded Wizardfolk as needed.

Apparently Voldemort neglected to realise that the 'Chunnel' is not one singular tunnel, and that Muggles are crafty buggers in their own right.

Miss Granger, I trust you will be available to help see some of these items to your fellows at Hogwarts.

I must go. A new shipment of Pixie Sticks has arrived and I do not believe Lydia when she insists they are not made from real pixies.


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