Sep. 29th, 2014

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Sixth and seventh year students: Professor Desai and I have each had several of you ask about space and time to practise your duelling outside class. We've discussed the matter thoroughly, and have set up a duelling salle and training course in the east wing.

Obviously, student safety is a paramount concern. To that end, we have instituted a number of rules that must be followed for the use of the space:

— The space is thoroughly warded against casual admission. Professor Desai and I are both able to authorise passage through the wards. To be added to that list, you must briefly duel one of us. We'll be looking for both skill and a concern for safety.

— The salle will be available whenever you wish once you have earned the privilege of admission, and it is set up for both solo practice and paired or group training. You may use it as you'd like. However, you must come see me or Professor Desai for a brief report within 24 hours after each time you use the space, without exception: this is so we can check you over to make sure your practice has had no lingering effects.

— If you are sharing the space with one of your classmates, or with another professor, you must hold to standard training course etiquette to avoid clashing with each other's practice. If you are unfamiliar with course etiquette, you may ask one of your classmates who have more experience, or see me, Professor Desai, or Professor Sandoval-Pennifold for a tutorial.

— Both Professor Desai and I are happy to conduct training sessions, either individually or for small groups, for those who would like additional instruction. See us individually to make arrangements.

— If we determine you are training in a manner we consider unsafe or too risky, allowing admission to unauthorised students without our explicit permission, or in any way abusing the privilege of the use of the salle, we reserve the right to revoke your privilege of admission.

Please see one of us if you have any questions, or to arrange an appointment for consideration for admission.


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