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Many of you at breakfast probably saw me return a ring to Justin Finch-Fletchley.

We have decided to end our commitment to one another, and are no longer romantically involved. There is no ill-will between us, and I'm sure we will both remain on friendly terms. I suppose there will be a lot of speculation as to what happened between us. I will only say that we discussed the future and decided that it would be best, for both of us, if we parted ways.

To be clear: there's no need for further discussion.

Thank you,
Hydra Lestrange
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Good morning,

After consulting with the Ministry of Magic's Department for Protectorate Affairs, Division of Purity Control, and the Department for International Magical Cooperation, I have sought and been formally granted permission to remain in the Protectorate.

I, Justin Finch-Fletchley, accordingly do hereby willingly revoke my status as a wizard of France and here announce my allegiance to the Lord Protector of England. I have withdrawn from enrollment at Beauxbatons Academy and have been transferred to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a member of House Hufflepuff.

It was my great fortune to have been adopted by a country with such a long and rich magical history as France. However, on visiting my native home, it became clear to me that for a magical society to achieve true greatness, it must take its rightful place as a leader of its people. The Lord Protector has exemplified leadership to such an extent that it is impossible to consider returning to a land where wizards are not revered as is their due. I believe that Hogwarts' performance in the Tri-Wizard Tournament reinforces the Protectorate's standards and prominence among all magical peoples.

It is my great hope that this decision shall represent a sign to my adoptive country that all trueborn witches and wizards must rise up for their belief in Wizarding supremacy. I look forward to realising the rights, privileges and duties incumbent on all Citizens to ensure our future by securing our present.

I wish to thank the Ministry personnel who have made this possible: Mr Stephen Rosier, Mr Dominic Selwyn, Mr Reginald Helpmann, Mr Roderick Pontner and all their staff. I also wish to thank Professor Étienne-Roland Froissart of Beauxbatons, who has been exceedingly kind always, and to whom no blame should fall for my decision. In the end, it was a matter of knowing where I belong.

Mr Rosier has asked me to appear at a conference for the press this afternoon at Hogwarts, where I look forward to meeting the family who have volunteered to become my foster-parents.

And to my former schoolmates, best of luck, my friends. I hope we meet again soon.

Thank you.


Après consultation avec le Ministère de la Magie Département des Affaires Protectorat, Division de la Lutte Pureté, et le ministère de la Coopération internationale magique, j'ai cherché et a été officiellement accordé la permission de rester dans le Protectorat.

Moi-même, Justin Finch-Fletchley, en conséquence ne présente volontiers révoquer mon statut en tant que magicien de la France et ici annoncer mon allégeance à la Lord Protecteur d'Angleterre. J'ai retiré de l'inscription à Beauxbâtons Académie et ont été transférés à l'école d'Hogwarts de Sorcellerie en tant que membre de la Maison Hufflepuff.

C'était ma grande chance d'avoir été adopté par un pays avec une telle histoire longue et riche magique comme la France. Cependant, en visitant mon pays natal, il est devenu clair pour moi que pour une société magique pour atteindre la vraie grandeur, elle doit prendre sa juste place en tant que conducteur de son peuple. Le Protecteur du Seigneur symbolise le direction à un point tel qu'il est impossible d'envisager un retour vers une terre où les sorciers ne sont pas vénéré comme leur est convenable. Je crois que la performance de Hogwarts dans le tournoi Tri-Wizard renforce les normes du Protectorat et sa place parmi tous les peuples magiques.

Il est mon grand espoir que cette décision représente un signe à mon pays d'adoptif que toutes les sorcières et les magiciens aux naissance vraix doit se lever pour leur croyance en la suprématie des sorciers. Je suis impatient de réaliser les droits, privilèges et obligations qui incombent à tous les citoyens pour assurer notre avenir en assurant notre présent.

Je tiens à remercier le personnel du ministère qui ont rendu cela possible: M. Stephen Rosier, M. Dominic Selwyn, M. Reginald Helpmann, M. Roderick Pontner et tout leur personnel. Je tiens également à remercier le professeur Étienne-Roland Froissart de Beauxbâtons, qui a été extrêmement genre toujours, et à qui aucune faute devrait tomber de ma décision. En fin de compte, c'était une question de savoir où j'appartiens.

M. Rosier m'a demandé de comparaître lors d'une conférence pour la presse cet après-midi aux Hogwarts, où je me réjouis de rencontrer la famille qui se sont portés volontaires pour devenir mes parents nourriciers.

Et à mes anciens camarades de classe, les meilleurs de la chance, mes amis. J'espère que nous retrouverons bientôt.

Merci Beaucoup.
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Attention, Dark Arts Students:

The remainder of this afternoon's Dark Arts exams shall be proctored by Madam Hooch.

There shall be a 30-minute break and we will resume testing in the Great Hall. The end of the exam period shall be extended by 30 minutes from the time we resume.

For clarity: The Dark Arts Exams are NOT cancelled.
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I'd like to remind everyone that the next two weeks will be especially difficult for the students sitting their N.E.W.T. and O.W.L. exams.

Please afford them every courtesy. I'm sure none of our 5th- or 7th-years would intentionally say or do anything out of order but on their behalf, I ask others' indulgence and to bear in mind the stress they are doubtless feeling as they enter their week of examinations.

And of course, best of luck to everyone.
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If you are staying in the castle over the holidays, you must continue to observe school rules.

If you are leaving on the Hogwarts Express tomorrow, please be sure that any luggage you are taking with you is marked clearly with your name. The last thing anyone needs is one's valises to get lost.

The train leaves promptly at 9:00 AM. Please finish your packing accordingly.

Those YPL and CCF students who are joining the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang delegations over the holidays, we will see you at the rendez-vous point in New London for each trip. Remember to bring pocket money for your incidentals.
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We are aware that the weather has been inclement for the past several days but that is no reason to flagrantly break school rules. No running through the corridors; no magic in the corridors.

It certainly includes the setting off of timed glow-bombs in the lower stacks of the Restricted Section! Madam Pince has several shelves of very rare texts there which are sensitive to light and heat. She is perfectly capable of equipping anyone who needs access to these volumes with a low-level lantern charm that will not damage the manuscripts. Moreover, she wishes to remind the NEWT students that access to the Restricted Section is a privilege and if another such incident occurs, she will be forced to bar entry to all students, regardless of level, in which case we will all need to fill out request forms for every book and get them signed by professors, just like before passing OWLs. Which I'm sure no one wants to have to do, so please respect our library and its librarian and remain within the authorised entry areas.

Thank you.
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After much deliberation, the Judges have made the following determination:

  • To Viktor Krum, for unfailingly executing his Task and retrieving the Durmstrang Eagle, returning first of all the competitors, 50 points;

  • To Cedric Diggory, for returning second with the Hogwarts Sorting Hat, 40 points;

  • To Harry Marvolo, although he failed to return with the Ouroboros of the Protectorate, having shown a concern for the Protectorate's denizens in excess of his obligations to the Tournament, and therefore having displayed his loyalties in what the judges deemed a practical manner, as well as his actions in assisting Miss Delacour, 40 points;

  • To Fleur Delacour, for her valiant attempt in the Task, 10 points.

  • This means that entering the Third Task, Mr Marvolo retains the overall lead; Mr Krum is in second place; Mr Diggory holds third place; and Miss Delacour is in fourth place.

    As always, our thanks to the Ministry, the Department of Magical Games and Sport, our guests and representatives from Durmstrang, Beauxbatons and their distinguished government officials for making this Tournament possible. The greatest praise to Our Lord Protector for His continued benevolence and interest in the competition and its competitors.
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I'm sure we all thank Miss Professor Carrow for her adept demonstration of the Cruciatus Curse. Miss Calderwood has been escorted to Hogsmeade Station along with the younger students who are not staying for the Yule Ball and the rest of holidays.

Those students remaining, I'd like to remind anyone who might be in need that Madam Pomfrey is available in the hospital wing throughout the day today. Just in case.

And as always, the Prefects and YPL Counsellors who are staying are also here to help answer any questions or concerns students may have.

Now, I hope everyone will be able to put this unfortunate incident behind us in order to present ourselves as gracious hosts for the Yule Ball this evening.

Champions, please be in the Entrance Hall with your escorts by five minutes to seven. Dinner begins promptly as soon as you are presented and seated.

CCF participants, remember that we have a final meeting this afternoon at 3:00 in the Great Hall.

Avery, we're meeting at 2:00, according to my book.
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Please immediately turn in any and all copies of this 'School-Wide Quiz' to your nearest Prefect.

If you have any information about who created or distributed this mean-spirited and frankly disgusting document, please seek any of us out to pass your comments along in total privacy.

There is NO NEED to discuss this incident in the journals!
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The Prefects had a meeting to compile all the questions people have been asking, and this evening your Head Boy and I had a chance to bring those questions to the Headmistress. What follows are her answers and a few common-sense reminders:

  • There is no age restriction for hopefuls but fourth-years and below are strongly reminded that they are very unlikely to be chosen. Please think carefully about your chances and your strengths before putting your name in for consideration.

  • The participants from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons will be housed within the castle and will take lessons alongside their agemates. At the moment, we anticipate that part of Ravenclaw Tower will be made available to the Beauxbatons students and a section of the dungeons will become the Durmstrang students' new home while they are visiting. Please accord them every courtesy as they learn their way round the castle and adjust to lessons with us.

  • As a result of the demands on the staff, grounds and champions themselves, we are suspending the year's Quidditch season. There will be no Quidditch Cup this year and the pitch will be temporarily converted for use in the Tournament.

  • Challenges for the Tri-Wizard Tournament are under the control of the Department of Magical Games and Sports and the Department of International Magical Co-Operation. Some students or staff may be given prior knowledge of a given task or challenge. Anyone found sharing information with a champion that might prove to give them an unfair advantage will be subject not only to Hogwarts' disciplinary action, but also the Ministry's.

  • It should go without saying, but no one will but the champions will be excused from end-of-term exams. Training for the Cup or assisting a champion to train will not be considered a valid excuse for failing to complete any professor's assignment.

  • The Cup will be displayed once our visiting delegations arrive in October and students may submit their names beginning that evening. The Champions' names will be drawn on Halloween.

Obviously, we all have or have friends who have aspirations for the Hogwarts Champion, but only one person will be chosen. Avery and I trust that you will all show the champion - whomever she or he is - your full support, but will also remember that the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students are also our guests. The purpose behind the Tri-Wizard Tournament remains, as it was in its heyday, to build relationships with wizards and witches outside our own country and, now that it has returned, to teach them by word and deed of the truly remarkable world which we in the Protectorate can enjoy.

Please bear that in mind as we look forward to the exciting days ahead.
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We'll be putting up the cast list notices at lunch, but meanwhile I wanted to post it here for everyone, as well as for the benefit of parents and guardians who may be wondering. Thank you all for coming out. As we said earlier this week, the response was far better than we imagined and you all made these decisions very difficult for us. Please don't feel discouraged, especially you younger students, if you didn't get the role you wanted! If this project is successful, which I'm sure it will be, there will be many opportunities to come. Also, Kathryn, Karoline and I will be talking to some of you about serving as understudies for some of the larger roles, just in case someone should have to drop out.

As everyone who auditioned knows, I shall be stage managing the production. Please come to me with any questions you have and I'll either answer or direct you to the person in charge, such as the prop-master or costumer, to answer your query.

Before I list the cast (there are rather a lot of you), some announcements:

1. Everyone is expected to commit to the rehearsal schedule and come on time when called. Not everyone will be needed at every rehearsal, but of course, as we get closer to the performance, we will start running whole acts and the whole show and we will need everyone. Bring your homework so you can be working when you're not on stage. Our Professors are aware of your participation, but will not accept play rehearsal as an excuse for late assignments!

2. The first rehearsal will be this Sunday at 2:00 in the large classroom on the 3rd floor, where nearly all our rehearsals will be held. (Any rehearsal not in this location will be marked on the schedule.) Everyone is to attend. We'll hand out the scripts, read through the whole play, talk about the set and other elements, and go over some terminology that may not be familiar to anyone who has never been in a play before. (I know that's most of you, but don't worry. We're all on this journey together!) We'll also hand out the full rehearsal schedule, so you'll know exactly when we need you to come. But in general, rehearsals will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the end of lessons at 4:00 until supper at 6:00, and on Sundays from 2-5.

3. The performance will be the Saturday after we return from Easter Holidays. That whole week, you will have to be at rehearsal EVERY NIGHT, starting right after lessons through to curfew. We will break for supper, of course. Also, we may go a little later than curfew some evenings, but as many of us are prefects, we will get everyone back to the common rooms as soon as we can. (Again, 'I was up late rehearsing' will not be an acceptable excuse in class the next day!)

4. Nearly all the YPL counselors have volunteered to help on the production. A few were interested in trying out, so they are not taking on production roles, but the rest of us will be making sure that the show comes off without a hitch. Here are your staff:

Karoline Moon - Director
Kathryn Pyle - Assistant Director
Melinda Pennifold - Duel Choreographer
Penelope Clearwater - Stage Manager
Leonora Jenkins - Costumes
Cedric Diggory - Props
Julius Avery - Set design, Stage Crew
Xi Chang - Set design, Stage Crew
Duncan Urquhart - Lighting
Mary Bletchley - Makeup
Ptolemy Baddock - Dramaturg (meaning he is our historical consultant)

Any members of the YPL who are interested in helping on any of these areas, such as set construction, painting, props, etc., may volunteer at the next YPL meeting, where we'll be talking about all that. I am also looking for an assistant stage manager and we will need a few more crew members to help during the performance.

Now, without further ado, the cast:

Lord Marvolo, The Lord Protector - Karoline Moon (Y6)
Bellatrix Lestrange, a Hero - Electra Bobolis (Y7)
Rodolphus Lestrange, a Hero - Aurelia Archer (Y5)
Lucius Malfoy, a Hero - Terrence Higgs (Y5)
Dominic Selwyn, a Hero - Vesta Chambers (Y6)
Claudius Yaxley, a Hero - Euterpe Bobolis (Y5)
Bartemius Crouch, Jr., a Hero - Daphne Greengrass (Y3)
Gaudeamus Avery, a Hero - Cassandra Calderwood (Y5)
Aristotle Baddock, a Hero - Orion Sandoval (Y7)
Serena Baddock, his Wife - Martha Yaxley (Y7)
Anthony Parkinson, a Hero - Chastity Derwent (Y6)
Alecto Carrow, a Hero - Gemma Bundy Y6)
Amycus Carrow, a Hero - Eric Bundy (Y5)
Rabastan Lestrange, a Hero - Horace Moon (Y4)
Augustus Rookwood, an Unspeakable - Lettice Frobisher (Y5)
Pius Thicknesse, an Interrogator - Jane Bradley (Y5)
Amelia Bones, an Auror - Valerie Dunstan (Y4)
Albus Dumbledore, a Fool - Eustace Evan (Y7)
Sirius Black, a Blood-Traitor - Harry Marvolo (Y3)
Millicent Bagnold, Minister for Magic - Nadine Rohani (Y5)
Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody, a Madman - Hermes Tamblyn (Y6)
Kingsley Shacklebolt, a Blood-Traitor - Blaise Zabini (Y3)
Frank Longbottom, a Blood-Traitor - Theseus Cox (Y6)
Alice Longbottom, his Wife - Demelza Robins (Y4)
Emmeline Vance, a Blood-Traitor - Luna Lovegood (Y2)
Mafalda Hopkirk, a Patriot - Belinda Dunstan (Y3)
Rufus Scrimgeour, a Patriot - Draco Malfoy (Y3)
Cornelius Fudge, a Patriot - Samantha Montgomery (Y4)
Dolores Umbridge, a Patriot - Lavender Brown (Y3)
Proteus Prewett, a Patriot - Maurice Scroops (Y1)
Regulus Black, a Rogue - Seamus Finnigan (Y3)
Walburga Black, his Mother - Josephina Gamp (Y6)
Norah Crouch, Mr Crouch's Mother - Cho Chang (Y4)
Francis Pearson, a Janitor - Ginny Weasley (Y2)
Nagini, a Snake - Padma and Parvati Patil (Y3)
Moody's Mad Cat, just as mad as Moody - Ron Weasley (Y3)
Hoots, an Owl - Christophanus Clarriker (Y2)
Jupiter Tigworth, a Portrait - Romilda Vane (Y1)
Adminius Twee, a Portrait - Hydra Lestrange (Y2)
Susannah Kettleburn, a Portrait - Evelyn Longbottom (Y1)
Aurors / Wizengamot Guards:
Astoria Greengrass (Y1)
Igraine Archer (Y1)
Lavinia Levingworth (Y1)
Thalia West (Y1)
Wizards and Witches of the Wizengamot:
Sally-Anne Perks (Y3)
Susan Bones (Y3)
Cressida Bole (Y2)
Hannah Abbott (Y3)
Norma Stein (Y1)
Kelley Drumgoole (Y1)
Elizabeth Stevens (Y4)
Delia Forney (Y1)
Victoria Catchlove (Y1)
Linus Moon (Y3)
Octavia Anderson (Y5)
Gareth Archer (Y2)
Brendan Mackrell (Y1)

Thanks again, everyone, and see you Sunday!
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At the Prefects' regular meeting this week, one of the subjects touched upon was a certain incident which took place during the first year Hufflepuff Transfiguration class on Wednesday, involving the administration of the Cruciatus Curse. This led in turn to a rather wide-ranging discussion amongst the Prefects about school discipline in general, and in particular, the role which the Prefects and especially the Head Boy and Head Girl should take in helping maintain proper school order and discipline.

The various House Prefects, Head Boy, and Head Girl are all chosen by the Headmistress and staff to serve as proper examples for the rest of the student body, and to provide leadership when needed. In certain situations, when staff are not present, we are authorised to act as proxy for certain school functions, i.e., directing students in an emergency, docking school points for infractions of school rules, etc.

As the older students are undoubtedly aware, the notion has been periodically raised that in order to help maintain order, the Head Boy and Head Girl should be authorised (as the school Professors are) to administer the Cruciatus Curse when necessary to enforce adherence to the school Code of Conduct. Needless to say, we would expect this authority to be invoked on only very rare occasions. It has been rather a point of vexation for the Prefects that this subject seems to keep coming up each year without ever being quite settled. Consequently, the Head Boy Ned Pennifold and the Head Girl Susan Yaxley have decided to hold a formal debate on the issue, leading to an up and down vote amongst the prefects to settle the question, once and for all.

The resolution shall read: Be it RESOLVED: That the Head Boy and Head Girl of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are authorised to administer the Cruciatus Curse to students when necessary to enforce the student Code of Conduct.

Two prefects will present the case for each side. Xi Chang (Ravenclaw) and Serena Laverty (Slytherin) shall argue for the affirmative. Heidi MacAvoy (Hufflepuff) and I have volunteered to argue for the negative. This debate shall take place at the prefects' meeting a week from this coming Wednesday. You are invited to offer your comments on the Resolution to your House prefects, who will in turn pass these comments along to the two sides arguing the question. Please give the matter your careful consideration and let your voice be heard. We will consider your input to be crucial in helping us to finally resolve this important issue.
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I am pleased to announce that Quidditch games shall continue as planned. We have removed a malicious jinx from Harry Marvolo's broom, and it will be kept under Madam Hooch's care except when Mr Marvolo himself checks it out for practice.

Prior to Quidditch matches, each player shall surrender their broom to me so that they may be checked for jinxes. Brooms shall be brought to my office at six o'clock PM the day prior to each match. No uncleared broom will be allowed on the pitch during matches. A team without enough cleared brooms for their players will cede the match.

During Quidditch matches, professors shall patrol the pitch to ensure that there are no injuries.
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If anyone did not hear the Headmistress' announcement, all students are to return to their common rooms IMMEDIATELY. Once you are there, please check in with your prefects and do not attempt to leave again until the situation is resolved.

It is important that students obey all instructions from their prefects. Above all, do not panic. The Common Rooms for each House are perfectly safe and secure. The Aurors are here doing their jobs, and you may be sure that His Lordship is well-protected.

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The missing students have been found and the troll is accounted for. I repeat: All is well.

Return to your common rooms. There is no need to worry. All is well in hand. 
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If you are hiding somewhere and able to respond, tell us where you are and we shall send help immediately.
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Amidst the confusion, the Lord Protector's son, Harry Marvolo, cannot be found. It is assumed that Draco Malfoy, his Slytherin house-mate, is with him.

If anyone knows the location of Harry Marvolo or Draco Malfoy, please approach either myself or one of the other Aurors. Your assistance shall be rewarded.


Oct. 31st, 2008 07:43 pm
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Neville Longbottom and Ronald Weasley, please report to the Gryffindor Common Room immediately.